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  1. Thanks for the advice will try it.
  2. I use the apple and movietrailer.net scaper. The apple trailers will be downloaded in the trailer folder as a single file. The other one is putting them in separate folders, with the trailer file inside. When I choose the option for movie trailers i can only ose the folder with the single files. Is there a way to point out a directory where the subfolders are also scanned, and have them played aswell ?
  3. Can CV automatically pause the movie half way. Like a dynamic intermission. Maybe to play a music file for a specific duration. I think it would be tricky to make but it should be a very nice feature.
  4. Can't wait to test run it. Thanks.
  5. When I tap hold a movie on the remote app I can choose to play or play in que. Is is possible to make a button to play with cinema vision ?
  6. It is in the CV config. I can see it now
  7. Maybe it is nice to have a music fade when you are using the trivia. Then you know when the movie starts.
  8. PKN

    DLP Cinema

    thank you. Please add it.
  9. PKN

    DLP Cinema

    I recently had to format and reinstalled my HTPC. Unfortunately I lost my cinema experience videos. Does someone have the TI DLP Cinema trailer on 1080P and 5.1 sound ?
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