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  1. Hi, The trailers dont work for me either, but i'm doing the following as a work around which is actually a lot more stable imo. I download Apple HD trailers to my CV Trailers directory, using this python script. I set it up to run daily at 00:05 using cron, then once a week I delete them all with an ssh script on cron, then repeat the process. This way i've always got the most current trailers https://github.com/aag/apple_trailer_downloader
  2. May of sussed it out...i think!
  3. Its not an actually disc, its an SBS file. I understand that its not CV, but wondered if anyone could help me out. Cant find any way of doing it so far??
  4. Hi, its still asking me to chose which mode to play in when the movie starts, the bumper's I have are fine. I have the 3d imax and DTS 3d bumbers play without any issue, but when the movie starts its asking me what mode to play in. Stereoscopic etc.
  5. Probably in the wrong section, but is there a way to start the movie in 3D mode without it asking to select 2d or another version. It kind of ruins the effect!
  6. Yeah I'll provide this tomorrow, was it a bit of a rush before!
  7. OK done some testing and so far.. I'm getting a download buffer when playing videos from ITunes with both 720p and 1080p. It can take up to 30 seconds to play the video. I have a fast internet connection and the streaming works fine with Cinema Experience (possibly because it downloads the videos as well) When playing via the context the sequence works intermittently and crashes. The UK ratings bumpers don't work at all (I haven't tried the US ones) Sometimes when I queue the video, Cinemavison doesn't recognise that there is one there and I get the screen that says video in place of feature. Miguel
  8. Didn't see that bit. Sorry! Will give it a go thanks
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