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  1. MidnightWatcher

    Is this still being developed?

    I would like to know as well. It's my favourite add-on and a big part of my home theater. @Ragnarok, what are the future plans for CinemaVision?
  2. Since the March update the CinemaVision add-on was behaving relatively well, however with the OSMC April update released a few days ago for the Vero 4K, the movie trailers often play with a black screen only, though the audio is playing fine. I noticed that if I touch anything on the remote that activates the GUI (for example, the progress bar, player process information, player debug, etc) that the video will immediately appear. For a bit of context in terms of what I have CinemaVision doing, here is how I have my sequences set up. In the sequence: A json command is first sent to the Vero 4K to set ADJUST DISPLAY REFRESH RATE to OFF. (This is to eliminate the time it takes for my projector to sync up between each trailer/video bumper. All trailers are downloaded from hd-trailers.net). Next, trivia slides are shown with a movie soundtrack (mp3) playing in the background. When it's time for trailers I’ll select Next on the remote to continue the sequence, which then reduces the lighting and begins playback of the queue of movie trailers (the ones I download are always 1080p @ 23.976 fps, AAC stereo). The refresh rate of my projector will stay at 59.94, as it should. At this point the screen will go black, as it should, just before playing the first movie trailer but will instead stay black while the trailer plays. (Sometimes the first trailer will play fine, but then when the screen goes black after the first trailer ends it will stay black until I manually engage the GUI to “awaken” it). I noticed that unless I bring up something manually on the screen it will tend to stay a black/blank screen while playing the remaining trailers and video bumpers in the file list, however when it gets to the json command (immediately before the main feature) to switch the ADJUST DISPLAY REFRESH RATE setting to ON START / STOP that the main feature will usually play fine once the projector syncs up. Not sure if a log would help since the sequence in actually running from beginning to end, only I can't see the trailers and bumpers, but here is the OSMC/KODI log: https://paste.osmc.tv/obojosujas Any idea what could be happening? Is there a way to have CinemaVision tell the screen to “wake up” or "silently" activate the GUI before each video in a list/queue is about to be played?
  3. Hi. I purchased a Vero 4K a few months ago and promptly installed CinemaVision and set up a number of sequences. For some reason, however, running a CV sequence is often hit and miss. At some point during the trailers or bumpers it'll occasionally end abruptly, resulting in the OSMC "sad face" indicating that something went wrong. A few times I could hear the audio from a trailer or bumper but the screen was black. Other times it's fine from start to finish. Does anyone else use a Vero 4K by chance who can offer some insight as to what could be happening?
  4. MidnightWatcher

    Version 1.1.0 Pushed to the Kodi Repository

    Hi Ragnarok, is it v1.1.1 or v1.1.0?
  5. MidnightWatcher

    What Kodi skin(s) do you use?

    Still using Rapier on all my devices, best blend of looks, features, functionality imho.
  6. I don't think that Win10 IoT runs Windows 10 apps like MoviePoster.
  7. I don't believe Win10 on RPi will work. MoviePoster does most of this but the need to purchase a Windows device if you don't have one available is a route I'd rather not take, especially when I have a spare RPi to use. Unfortunately, the MoviePoster creator didn't use Linux as his OS of choice. It *seems* that this feature would be fairly easy to implement in CinemaVision itself, which would be ideal.
  8. I'll soon be building a home theater in my new home and have a suggestion that, I think, would truly give home theaters an added wow-factor. What I would like to do is mount an HDTV in portrait mode affixed with a Raspberry Pi running Kodi near the entrance of the theater and use it to display the poster of the movie that is "Now Playing". In a nutshell: * Add a "CinemaPoster" section to the CinemaVision settings. * Set the primary CinemaVision-enabled Kodi box that is used in the theater itself to "Master" mode. * Set the secondary CinemaVision-enabled Kodi box affixed to the back of the HDTV on display near the entrance to "Client" mode. * Enter the Client's IP address on the Master and/or vice versa. * Include a setting for the Client to run in "Client Mode". When a movie is playing, the Master and Client will communicate and the Client will then display the "Now Playing" movie poster for the film that the Master identifies (and maybe the Client could even cycle through different versions of the film's posters). When the theater is not in use perhaps the Client can cycle through "Coming Soon" movie posters and even download/stream them to play the movie trailer in a window near the bottom for the 'Coming Soon" movie. This would be similar to what the 'MoviePoster App" does but without the need for a Windows-equipped device. Thoughts?
  9. MidnightWatcher

    Transitions between trailers, bumpers, etc

    Hi @Justifier, check out this thread. I think this will fix the issue you're having:
  10. What I've done is buy a few movie soundtracks on CD, ripped them to MP3 and play them that way. Works like a charm and you have completel control over what tracks play.
  11. MidnightWatcher

    Beacon (HD)(DD5.1)

    When I click on View File it brings me to cinemavision.tv/files/file/431-beacon-hddd51/ but there's nothing to download.
  12. MidnightWatcher

    Independence Day Slides Released

    Yep, still getting the error. Been getting it for a couple weeks now, can't download anything. Even tried to download the 480p version above and no luck.
  13. MidnightWatcher

    Independence Day Slides Released

    Sorry, there is a problem We could not locate the item you are trying to view. Error code: 2BDL402/2
  14. MidnightWatcher

    Estimate for custom theatre intro?

    There may also be some on Fiverr that you may like. I've had well over a dozen created there starting at US$5 each. I've uploaded two home theater intros I had done on Fiverr. The "ImpactIntro" is the first intro I had made. I later designed my own "logo" and used it for other intros. See the "Winter1080" intro example. ImpactIntro.mp4 Winter1080.mp4

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