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  1. These look great! For Kodi 20, there is a new CV fork called PreShow Experience. Check it out Here! https://preshowexperience.com/
    Tested the 1.5 beta yesterday and it's working quite well! It's such a great feeling to finally see CinemaVision up and running again! Since I use MPC-BE (to keep using madVR) as an external player for Kodi to play MKV files only and not MOV and MP4 (in other words, Kodi's internal VideoPlayer will play all trailers and bumpers with refresh rate matching disabled while MPC-BE plays the main feature with refresh rate matching enabled in MPC-BE itself) I did not need to test the refresh rate action files with my projector, but everything I did test worked well. Note: I did have to disable the TVTunes add-on, however, because it made the sequence crash just as the first trivia slide came up on screen. I suspect that TVTunes may be clashing with CinemaVision as both are trying to play a music file. UPDATE: Turns out I was using an old 2.0.1 version of TVTunes. Version 2.0.4 now appears to be playing a little better with CinemaVision! Hat tip to @Matt for digging into this! 🎶 The only thing I would recommend for a future build is to give an option to choose a specific trivia folder to use for each sequence. Keep up the great work! The wife will love it when she sees trivia and trailers and our home theater intros again on our next movie night. beers clapper
  2. Subscribing to this thread! CinemaVision puts the theater back in Home Theater. I hope to see it back up and running soon. Thanks to all involved for keeping this alive. 👍
  3. The name of the CinemaVision developer according to Github is Rick Phillips (Ruuk). I sent him an IM on Facebook a couple weeks ago but hadn't heard back. Maybe he's too busy with his new job at Plex. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1352390960
  4. Right now I'm not using CinemaVision at all since it isn't working. I'm queuing the folder manually by navigating to the Trailers folder (I have the CinemaVision folders saved as a Favorite), then bringing up the context menu and then selecting Queue Item. I then queue the THX Eclipse bumper and my home theater intro, followed by the feature film. Once I have the playlist ready, I'll navigate to the current playlist and play from the top. It plays through each video in sequence.
  5. Until a working version is made available, you can manually create a playlist to mimic a CinemaVision trailer and video bumper sequence. I've been downloading movie trailers from http://www.hd-trailers.net and place them in a folder. I queue the folder, then add a short THX Eclipse bumper from https://www.demo-world.eu followed by a personalised home theater intro to the queue, then the movie. Notes: 1. If you have "Adjust Display Refresh Rate" enabled (On start / stop) then all videos in the queued playlist should be 23.976 fps so that there are no delays between videos of different frame rates (especially for projectors). All movie trailers are at 23.976 fps but I had to use Handbrake to re-encode the THX bumper and my HT intro bumper (they were both 24.0 fps instead of 23.976). It's also a good idea to enable the "Delay After Change Of Refresh Rate" in the System > Display settings to match the time you'll need for your display device to catch up with the beginning of the first movie trailer. 2. I use the Rapier skin, which can hide the on screen seek bar in between videos (System > Skin > Configure Skin > Media > Hide Seek Bar OSD During Fullscreen Playback). 3. To hide the Busy dialog during fullscreen video playback, manually replace line 12 in DialogBusy.xml with: <visible>!Window.IsVisible(fullscreenvideo)</visible> Note -- If the skin receives an update, this could get overwritten so I've disabled automatic updates for the skin and will manually update when needed to know I may need to manually update the DialogBusy.xml again. 4. I have Philips Hue lighting and relied on action files to control the lights. This now has to be done manually. You can create scenes in any hue app (I have one for Normal Lighting and one for Trailers, then of course one to turn off the lights as the movie begins). The official Philips Hue app doesn't allow me to adjust the transition time (I like a 5-second transition between each scene) so I had to find another app. I miss the movie trivia and I'd like to have a one or two second gap in between the videos on the playlist, but until we have CinemaVision working again, it's the next best thing.
  6. "Sign" the "petition" below and let's ask the team at OSMC to include a working version of CinemaVision for KODI 18.1+! If anyone can do it, they can, and it would make the best KODI-based player on the market even better: https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/bundle-cinemavision-add-on-with-vero-4k/79354
  7. "Sign" the "petition" below and let's ask the team at OSMC to include a working version of CinemaVision for KODI 18.1+! If anyone can do it, they can, and it would make the best KODI-based player on the market even better: https://discourse.osmc.tv/t/bundle-cinemavision-add-on-with-vero-4k/79354
  8. Wish there was a developer out there who could take this open source add on and update it to simply work with the latest version of Kodi.
  9. I would like to know as well. It's my favourite add-on and a big part of my home theater. @Ragnarok, what are the future plans for CinemaVision?
  10. Since the March update the CinemaVision add-on was behaving relatively well, however with the OSMC April update released a few days ago for the Vero 4K, the movie trailers often play with a black screen only, though the audio is playing fine. I noticed that if I touch anything on the remote that activates the GUI (for example, the progress bar, player process information, player debug, etc) that the video will immediately appear. For a bit of context in terms of what I have CinemaVision doing, here is how I have my sequences set up. In the sequence: A json command is first sent to the Vero 4K to set ADJUST DISPLAY REFRESH RATE to OFF. (This is to eliminate the time it takes for my projector to sync up between each trailer/video bumper. All trailers are downloaded from hd-trailers.net). Next, trivia slides are shown with a movie soundtrack (mp3) playing in the background. When it's time for trailers I’ll select Next on the remote to continue the sequence, which then reduces the lighting and begins playback of the queue of movie trailers (the ones I download are always 1080p @ 23.976 fps, AAC stereo). The refresh rate of my projector will stay at 59.94, as it should. At this point the screen will go black, as it should, just before playing the first movie trailer but will instead stay black while the trailer plays. (Sometimes the first trailer will play fine, but then when the screen goes black after the first trailer ends it will stay black until I manually engage the GUI to “awaken” it). I noticed that unless I bring up something manually on the screen it will tend to stay a black/blank screen while playing the remaining trailers and video bumpers in the file list, however when it gets to the json command (immediately before the main feature) to switch the ADJUST DISPLAY REFRESH RATE setting to ON START / STOP that the main feature will usually play fine once the projector syncs up. Not sure if a log would help since the sequence in actually running from beginning to end, only I can't see the trailers and bumpers, but here is the OSMC/KODI log: https://paste.osmc.tv/obojosujas Any idea what could be happening? Is there a way to have CinemaVision tell the screen to “wake up” or "silently" activate the GUI before each video in a list/queue is about to be played?
  11. Hi. I purchased a Vero 4K a few months ago and promptly installed CinemaVision and set up a number of sequences. For some reason, however, running a CV sequence is often hit and miss. At some point during the trailers or bumpers it'll occasionally end abruptly, resulting in the OSMC "sad face" indicating that something went wrong. A few times I could hear the audio from a trailer or bumper but the screen was black. Other times it's fine from start to finish. Does anyone else use a Vero 4K by chance who can offer some insight as to what could be happening?
  12. Still using Rapier on all my devices, best blend of looks, features, functionality imho.
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