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  1. marlon1925

    Apple Trailers issue

    any solutions to this?i am having the same issues, i got a lot of bandwidth so it shouldn't be my internet connection
  2. marlon1925

    Trailers are lagging

    Has anyone solve the problem of trailers lagging/buffering? I got a 300mbps connections so it wouldn't be an issue of my internet speed.
  3. marlon1925

    Intros by Genre

    Is there an update to this?
  4. marlon1925

    Philips Hue Help

    I replaced some first gen bulbs with the new ones. I noticed that the new ones are a lot brighter. Is there a way I could match the colors? Where do I get the color codes so I can set in the action files? Please help!
  5. marlon1925

    TV SHOW on Home Menu

    Solved! i tried using another skin and reverted back to confluence!!! and voilaaa! "TV SHOWS" is there already lol
  6. marlon1925

    TV SHOW on Home Menu

    is anyone having trouble with "TV SHOWS" menu showing in Home Screen using Confluence Skin? I've already added tv shows files but I couldn't find "TV SHOWS" in my home screen.
  7. marlon1925

    Help! Fresh installation of CinemaVision

    thanks, now it's working!
  8. marlon1925

    Help! Fresh installation of CinemaVision

    By the way, i just found out the sequence is not playing Theater Intro and Feature Intro. I've placed files I've downloaded on this website on the respective folders but It's not working.
  9. marlon1925

    Help! Fresh installation of CinemaVision

    Thanks a lot! This is an off topic question but would relate to how CinemaVision functions. I am having a hard time having my system play the audio format of the movie file hence, CV is unable to play audio format bumpers. Can you help me fix this please?
  10. Good day! Please help me in my fresh installation. I had my old HTPC crashed and is not working until it will be fixed by a local tech shop. I borrowed my brother in-law's cpu while it is being fixed. Someone please help me with a complete guide to install CV to kodi krypton 71.3 Thanks a lot. Marlon
  11. marlon1925

    Kodi krypton

    Im starting from scratch because my previous pc crashed
  12. marlon1925

    Trailers from iTunes

    Im also having issues streaming the trailers. Im in a 300mbps fibr connection so bandwidth shouldn't be an issue. It keeps on buffering
  13. marlon1925

    Trailers from iTunes

    Thanks a lot, sorry but can you please walk me through in "content update"? Should i install the latest development release, will it not affect my current set up?
  14. marlon1925

    Intros by Genre

    is there an update on this?
  15. marlon1925

    Trailers from iTunes

    Are trailers from iTunes accessible now? I've read in one of the threads here that it's not working since iTunes kind of blocked it? Is there any update on this? I'd like to have the trailers of upcoming movies back on my cinemavision setting. Thanks a lot.

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