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  1. I'm of the opinion that one can never have too many trivia slides. Is there an easy way to generate new slides, if one has a text file of questions and answers? With the Collider Ultimate Movie Trivia Schmoedown starting soon on their YouTube, that would be a great resource to get questions and answers and I'd be willing to make a new deck if it was relatively easy to change content. If it requires going in to Photoshop and manually editing each slide, that would be too time consuming for me at the moment. But if there was a way to parse information from a text file into a template and have it generate slides that way, I'd be game to work on that. Thoughts?
  2. Easiest way would be to save a new sequence. For example, during the Christmas season I created a new default sequence that I called "Christmas", which included Christmas music for the trivia slide show, Christmas trivia, Christmas commercials, etc. I have now reverted back to my usual sequence, but the Christmas one is still on my system ready to be reintroduced after Thanksgiving.
  3. Yeah, not really a fan of the tilted text. It was a good idea, but I'm not sure how well it works in practice.
  4. That looks cool. I know Star Wars fans are obsessive about stuff, but I don't think the incorrect hilt to saber ratio is a huge deal. This looks great, keep up the good work man!
  5. I'm good either way, but if you're taking a vote, I vote for the multiple choice looking better WITH the lightsaber hilts. Just my opinion for what it's worth.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Classic SMPTE leader to give a nice 35mm countdown presentation before your feature
  7. Just my opinion, but if you're going for a "real as possible" feel, I would go back to the purple saber for Answer IV, if for no other reason than we haven't seen a yellow saber on screen in the films (yet?). Otherwise, great job!
  8. I think I still have an HD version of the Frankie and the Frogs clip somewhere... I'll have a look over the next day or two and post it if I can find it.
  9. Awesome work, just added these to my collection. Keep it up!
  10. GoofyJeff

    DLP Cinema

    Sorry for the delay, things have been a little crazy the past few days. I just uploaded it, and you should be able to find it in the Downloads section under Video Bumpers. All credit goes to the original uploader.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Digital Light Processing (DLP) is a display device based on micro-electro-mechanical technology that uses a digital micromirror device. It was originally developed in 1987 by Dr. Larry Hornbeck of Texas Instruments. While the DLP imaging device was invented by Texas Instruments, the first DLP-based projector was introduced by Digital Projection Ltd in 1997. Digital Projection and Texas Instruments were both awarded Emmy Awards in 1998 for the DLP projector technology. DLP is used in a variety of display applications from traditional static displays to interactive displays and also non-traditional embedded applications including medical, security, and industrial uses.
  12. GoofyJeff

    DLP Cinema

    I have it. I can add it later this evening if no one beats me to it.
  13. The curtain video I have is okay, but not great. It came in a mega pack I downloaded back when CE was still HTE (Home Theater Experience). Here's a YouTube link to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSM22KyaOOE
  14. Awesome! I'm using this as a Kodi intro video right after curtain open in my sequence. Great work man!
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