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  1. @caseguy. These are great. The only change I would make is in the answer slide, keep the movie image intact. It's a bit bare without it. An even better alternative would be to replace the movie image with a more relevant one in the answer. That would make these sets GOLDEN!
  2. Yip. Like everyone else here I don't use Kodi, I use CinemaVision. I'd always hoped Ragnarok would port CinemaVision to Plex and I could have one shared system across all my friends servers. The fact that CinemaVision doesn't work with 18.1 isn't just unfortunate, it means my entire cinema experience is gone. I don't want a TV experience in my home theatre, I want CinemaVision! I'm happy to wait months and months for an update, I'd just like to know if an update is possible, all things considered. Love to Ragnarok in the meantime. If this project is over, it was a blast. I've never enjoyed movies at home so much.
  3. That's really disappointing news
  4. I'd also value an update on whether cinemavision is getting an update or not. It's the centre of my movie night and I'm missing her
  5. I need a skin that works on both the projector and TV and is 'family friendly'. Lightly modified Arctic Zephyr for me!
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