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  1. Is there a way to prevent foreign trailers? "Making Of" featurettes, too. Every time I run a movie one to three out of six are either of those. Thanks! -Phil
  2. I hope this helps someone else- I don't know how to organize a specific set/theme of video bumpers to create a seamless experience. The only ways that I know of are to specifically state which files to use (not really flexible) or to only have one theme in the \Video Bumpers directory. The latter is more flexible but file management comes into play. So... I wrote a batch file that does the file management for me. The content directory structure that CV uses is not modified. The batch file just moves files into them (deleting any existing ones). It takes them from one (the source) directory of everything that is contained in \Video Bumpers (i.e., no trailers or trivia slides are manipulated). It can handle any theme (by name) including random bumpers, if desired. The source directory looks like this: <theme name>_<bumper type>*.* E.g.,: Nineties Tech_Trailers Intro it doesn't matter what goes here.mp4 Nineties Tech_Trailers Outro.mp4 Nineties Tech_Countdown (a really cool one).mp4 -etc. for any other "Nineties Tech" bumpers Halloween_Trailers Intro it doesn't matter what goes here either.mp4 Halloween_Trailers Outro.mp4 Halloween_Countdown from 1956.mp4 -etc. for any other "Halloween" bumpers It handles random bumpers by copying multiple files of the same bumper type and letting CV pick from them... You can use the theme name "Random" or "Whatever You Want To Name It". Random_Theater Intro (the red one).mp4 Random_Theater Intro (the blue one).mp4 Random_Theater Intro.mp4 -etc. for any "Random" bumpers The important thing here is that all video bumpers in the CV content directory will be deleted and replaced by whatever theme you specify. To use the example themes above, assuming that ALL of those files are in the source directory, you would type any one of the following: SetCinemaVisionVideoBumpers "Nineties Tech" SetCinemaVisionVideoBumpers Halloween SetCinemaVisionVideoBumpers Random One additional feature(?) is that anything that uses a theme named STATIC will ALWAYS be copied. So if there are, say, courtesy bumpers that you always want to be potentially shown, name them: STATIC_Courtesy (Minions 1).mp4 STATIC_Courtesy (Minions 2).mp4 STATIC_Courtesy - Gremlins (old).mp4 So if "Nineties Tech" is being used as your seamless theme, the following files are all candidates to be picked and shown by CV: Nineties Tech_Courtesy.mp4 STATIC_Courtesy (Minions 1).mp4 STATIC_Courtesy (Minions 2).mp4 STATIC_Courtesy - Gremlins (old).mp4 The only things to change in the .BAT file are: LOG_NAME MY_CONTENT_DIR CV_CONTENT_DIR Change them before the first run and as long as content directories don't change, the .BAT file doesn't need to change. See the notes right after these constants are defined in the file for their specific syntax. REMEMBER- THE CONTENTS OF WHATEVER DIRECTORY "CV_CONTENT_DIR" IS SET TO WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT WARNING, SO SET IT ACCORDINGLY!! It's attached. Let me know if it helps anyone or if I reinvented the wheel. Also let me know if you have any suggestions or questions. -Phil SetCinemaVisionVideoBumpers.bat
  3. When I first started with CinemaVision, iTunes trailers weren't working until I downloaded an updated build. Then they worked for a while and now they don't (I know that a fix in in development ) so I am downloading trailers to store locally. Is there a way to associate a genre with the trailers? When iTunes trailers were working, I think the metadata probably wasn't being transmitted to CinemaVision because the genre didn't really match the feature and trailers which I watched still played repeatedly (even after clearing broken trailers (I think that's what the option is) and resetting the watched trailers history). I don't mind these issues, I'm just glad an option exists for trailers!! I just wondered about setting the genre. Thanks! -Phil
  4. So as of now, is there any way to have all of the "Mindy" bumpers chosen without specifying each one? E.g., in a sequence, is there any easier way to do the following?: TheaterIntro = \Bumpers\Mindy\MindyTheaterIntro.mp4 TriviaIntro = \Bumpers\Mindy\MindyTriviaIntro.mp4 TrailerOutro = \Bumpers\Mindy\MindyTrailerOutro.mp4 If not, that's OK- I can set up one sequence for Mindy, then change the filenames and save it as a Mork sequence. If I do that, though, how do I select a movie and tell it to use a specific sequence? The only way to invoke CinemaVision that I know of is to select the movie in my library, bring up the context menu and choose "CinemaVision" but the default sequence will be used instead of a specific one. Thanks again, -Phil
  5. Hi, all- I searched for the answer to this but it's too vague- I know that there are specific directories for different types of bumpers, and that there are specific filemasks for trivia sets (e.g., questions, answers, and hints). Is there any way to do this without having to download a bumper pack and distribute each file into its specific directory? For example, if I download MorkBumpers.zip and MindyBumpers.zip, can I set CinemaVision to look at one directory for specific filenames? I.e., can I have the following: \Bumpers \Bumpers\Mork \Bumpers\Mork\MorkTheaterIntro.mp4 \Bumpers\Mork\MorkTriviaIntro.mp4 \Bumpers\Mork\MorkTrailerOutro.mp4 ... \Bumpers\Mindy \Bumpers\Mindy\MindyTheaterIntro.mp4 \Bumpers\Mindy\MindyTriviaIntro.mp4 \Bumpers\Mindy\MindyTrailerOutro.mp4 ... I'm hoping that CinemaVision would be able to look in \Bumpers and pick one subdirectory at random (e.g., \Bumpers\Mindy) and then use the appropriately named files for their respective purpose. I'd like to avoid picking a random theater intro with a different random trivia intro with a different random theater outro, etc. Thanks, -Phil
  6. Hi, and thanks for the search location. I knew it had to be somewhere- I thought that it should be exactly where it is, except when I was looking at the top right, the floating menu bar seemed like it was the top of the page Thanks for the information on storage. Something I read made me think that because of Android's wonderful save-me-from-myself security measures it had to be on an HTPC. I keep my my CinemaVision files on a flash drive in my Android box because Kodi/CinemaVision can write to /Android/data/org.xbmc.kodi on it. Thanks again, -Phil
  7. Hi- I tried to search for the answer to this but I've been searching for the search function of this forum to no avail. Please let me know where the search functionality is I know that an HTPC setup is supported but is it required ? I have Kodi set up on an Android device and CinemaVision is working almost perfectly. I can set up a VM to run an HTPC if I have to but before I do that I'd like to know if it's possible to use what I already have set up. Thank you! -Phil
  8. To configure CV, I go to System/Add-ons/My add-ons/.../CinemaVision/Configure. I can also run it (instead of configuring) which will launch the sequence editor. I can also launch the sequence editor directly from the CV Launcher. Whichever way I get there I can bring up a context menu and save/load/etc... or I can Play CV. All that'll do is perform a "test run". Am I correct so far? I hope so. To run CV for real, I go to Videos/Files/<locate my movie to play> and hold the button on the remote until a menu pops up. I select "add to queue" and then I hold the button on the remote again and select "CinemaVision". Almost always I am told there's nothing in the queue so I just have to do the previous two steps again. Then the sequence runs almost perfectly. The only thing that I need to get past is the "Play main title" on the "Select playback item" screen. The screen with the "Apply to queue" only shows up before my sequence starts the first action, which makes sense. I have attached a picture of the screen to which I am referring. BTW, I am using the default Confluence skin. Thanks again, -Phil
  9. Thank you- iTunes trailers are working fine now! My sequence ran perfectly except that I have a setting wrong but I don't know which it is. First I queue up a movie, then I start it in CV*. The sequence runs right up to the point where the main movie is next. Even if this is the only movie queued, I still have to click on "Play main title" on the "Select playback item" screen. My settings are as follows: - Hide queue editor = true - If only one item queued = true - Ignore Kodi playlist with only one item if there is a selection = true *Most of the time CV tells me that there is nothing in the queue. All I have to do is queue it again and then CV will run (yet now there are two movies in the queue (one movie, duplicated) and I delete one of them). Thanks again, -Phil BTW - what does "Apply to queue" mean when queuing up a movie?
  10. Hi, Could anyone tell me if they have come across this before? I searched, but to no avail. This is my first attempt at using CV, but after watching videos, reading articles and this forum, I finally got a sequence working perfectly. I absolutely love CV and appreciate all of the thought and effort that went into it so that people like me can create an experience like this without doing any coding. 1) I had the CinemaVision add-on working perfectly without the Trailers module enabled. The Features module was enabled but CV was not launched from within Kodi so the default content placeholder played, and it played correctly. 2) After disabling all of the modules and then enabling the Trailers module alone, no trailers appeared*- only a black screen. 3) After disabling all of the modules and then enabling the Features module alone, launching CV from Video/Files/xyz.ISO, adding it to the queue, and then Play it just goes blank for a second and then returns to the Kodi file selection screen. *Only one time did trailers show up. My log is here: http://pastebin/vEUXjkuL Thank you for any help you can provide. -Phil
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