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  1. Thank you so much for all your work! Do you still have to edit the files manually or are these changes baked into the newest version you uploaded? It kind of works, but it's slow to start and audio bumpers just plays a random a audio bumper, and not choosing the right one after filenames. Edit: after reinstall of CV I get this error: No Features, No movies are in the Queue. Please queue some features and try again. NVM; Got it working again, still a little slow, but after a fresh reinstall everything works again !
  2. Well it's been 4 months since that post and still no news, sad CV is one of the best plugins for a great Home Theater experience.
  3. Hi, I know there was some talk a while ago, about getting CinemaVision to work on the normal "Play" button on Kodi 18, istead of the "Cinema Mode" button that we have been using on earlier versions of CV & Kodi. Will it be possible? Is this something that are being worked on? I haven't install Kodi 18 yet, but I think I will give it a try now that 18.1 is out. Does Cinema Vision working with Kodi 18 now?
  4. Okay, thank you. Right now Cinema Vision is using the file name of my movies to detect if it's atmos or dts:X. It works perfectly to play the audio bumpers. Would be nice if there was a condition that did the same, detected a "keyword" from the filename. Anyway, so the best way will be to tag all my Atmos and DTS:X movies, and use that tag in an condition that have the cvaction?
  5. Thanks, I will take look. But how can I make a cvaction that only run by audioformat condition? or is it possible with sequence condition?
  6. Okay, so it is possible to make a codition for a cvaction? That would make things a lot more flexible! But how do I do it? Will this make it possible to play trailer X when movie X is the conition, and use cvaction X when atmos is detected? I can't find any options that state I can make audioformat as a condition? Thanks!
  7. Hi, is it possible to make the Audio Bumper detections a condition? Like: If DTS-HD is detected run "script1" & if TrueHD is detected run "script2" etc? I ask because I would like my Harmony Remote to change my receiver from DTS:NauralX to straight if the movie has Atmos, and back to DTS:NauralX if the movie have TrueHD or DTS-HD. Feel free to put this in the Request sections if this is not yet possible
  8. Just a quick question, Do you know how the OSMC Vero 4K work? I think it using the internal player, so CV should work there right?
  9. The ZidooPlayer is better at f. ex 4K HDR and it's really fluid. I made a post over at Zidoo to see if I get any respons. I just made a quick video showing the issue. (I cut down on the intros to make it short) I start with the ZidooPlayer, and then I try again with the Kodi player. https://youtu.be/lop5IBeuyq0
  10. Thank you for the fast reply! Ok, so I just tested with the internal Kodi player and now Cinema Vision is working. The sad news are that the external player (zidoo) is much better. I did find a forum post about this on the Zidoo forum, but the person that claims he got it working does not reply. (http://forum.zidoo.tv/index.php?threads/solved-cinemavision-zidoo-player.4005/) Thank you anyway.. Cinema Vision is really great, was hoping for it to work on the Zidoo.
  11. Hi, I just bought an x9s from Zidoo and the player that comes with it is super great, but I have a problem. When I use ZDMC (kodi 17.6) with Cinema Vision, only the first video in the cinema vision que play (example: only the trailers) the main feature never starts. This is my setup: Trailers, Audio bumpers, Feature It only play one video and goes back to the Kodi library. It's like it don't que up those trailers, audiobumpers etc.. Is there a solution? I really like Cinema Vision, it's not the same without it
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