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    Great set, no errors that I could find, they all look great. I'll give this one a top score.
    A small number of errors on a few slides means I can't give it a 5-star rating (see Comments section for details), but other than that the Shrek set looks great.
    Worth the download! Let all of the DreamWorks slides, this set looks very good on a 100+ inch projector screen. The syntax of the quote on Slide 3 isn't 100% accurate, but I wouldn't knock any stars for it.
    Though I would have used a different font to ease readability, this is a great set of fun facts.
  1. Another great set. Only nitpick: The quote on the computer screen referenced in Slide 3 should be "WhATApiece OFWorkIsPenGuin" -- http://www.eeggs.com/images/items/1153.full.jpg
    The filenames are "Mastermind" instead of "Megamind" but all of the slides are fantastic with no errors!
  2. Mitchell

    DreamWorks: Shrek

    Very nice! A few nitpicks though, if I may. Slide 1 is missing a word at the end.Slide 7 contain extra punctuation that isn't required. There should be no period following "Sylvester" and no comma after "which" so as to maintain continuous flow. A proper reading would be: "William Steig, the writer of Shrek, also wrote a short story called Mr. Sylvester in which a donkey has a magic pebble and, scared of a lion, wishes himself to be a boulder for protection." [...]Slide 10 has one too many commas. The comma after the word "lawyers" isn't required.Slides that contain quotation marks only have ending quotation marks. The first quotation mark should be “ and the end of the quote should concluded with a ”. For instance, in Slide 1 it is ”Shrek” but should be “Shrek”Hope this help! Keep up the great work!
  3. That was quick! Kudos to you and the dev for being on the ball.
  4. The .30 beta is working pretty well. I may have found a couple of bugs that'll need to be addressed. 1. I moved a number of slides around in the trivia folder and did a refresh. Once in awhile I'll now notice a black screen during the slide portion. Does a refresh also let CinemaVision know that files have been moved/deleted or does a refresh only add new files? I'm thinking that when CinemaVision doesn't find a slide where it used to be it'll just display a blank black screen until the next slide. 2. I am unable to change the selection for the Trivia Intro after changing Random to "No" and selecting a specific video. I've included another video bumper in the directory and refreshed everything, but when I attempt to select a different video nothing happens. This may also be true for other non-random selections.
  5. Great, thanks. I did a search for gnolivos on AVSForum and see he also has slides for Cars 2, Brave, Monsters University and Inside Out now as well.
  6. Here are more slides for CinemaVision. These are all 720p, but are pretty good. Note: I did not create these. They are among a collection of slides I had been using for CV's predecessor. Enjoy! MovieQuotesFactsTrivia.rar
  7. Here are 180 Pixar slides that you can add to your Trivia Slides folder for CinemaVision. In addition to fun facts about the company itself, there are slides for the films below. Note: I did not create these, but was using them for CV's predecessor. If anyone knows who created the slides, feel free to give them all the credit: A Bug's Life Cars Finding Nemo The Incredibles Monsters Inc Ratatouille Toy Story Toy Story 2 Toy Story 3 Up Wall-E Pixar.rar
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