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    Ideas for a "Movie selection screen"

    natively, I dont think it's possible (there's nothing in the settings for it anyway). the only option would be to edit the source files, look for the "play" button callback function, and replace the JSON-RPC API command with one compatible with CV, somthing along the lines of: {"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "Addons.ExecuteAddon", "params": { "addonid": "script.cinemavision", "params": ["experience"]}, "id": 1}
  2. ukcjackson

    Ideas for a "Movie selection screen"

    Thank you @Ragnarok, that looks just like the solution I was looking for!!! Just had a quick play with it, and the Arch interface is very close to what I was thinking. Bit of modification and it could be perfect!
  3. Hello all, While my question is not strictly CV related, it is to do with my future home cinema setup which CV will play a large part in. I plan on building a dedicated cinema room with a lobby area outside. In this lobby area, I would like to have a "movie selection screen", where I can pick a movie which starts CV in the cinema room. I have thought about running a secondary system running Android along with the Yatse app, but as its designed more like a remote app, it kind of feels bloated for what I need. I then wondered if there was a way of running Kodi dual screen. Screen 1 in the lobby displaying the Kodi video library, and screen 2 which CV screened to (while keeping the library visible on screen 1), but I haven't managed to find any supporting information for such technique. Does anyone have any other suggestions of how I could accomplish my movie selection screen?

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