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  1. Version 1.0.1a


    This download contains some of the cinemagraphic posters ive collected over the years . I did Not make these they are from all over trying to collect them all in one place ! I have alot more coming soon These posters are in .gif format. *Some errors in upload some files are missing from this set*
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Trunk Monkey Video Commercials Trunk Monkey Video commercials in the best resolution i could get , will add More as i find them Trunk Monkey Trunk Monkey is a concept originally created in January, 2000 by Sean Sosik-Hamor for the automotive group of Subaru enthusiasts in the New England Subaru Impreza Club, or NESIC. The original concept of a "Trunk Monkey" was a small stuffed animal placed in the trunk of a vehicle which came alive and jumped from side to side to help distribute weight during "spirited driving maneuvers".Wikipedia
  3. Hey is there anyway to update the service addon to python It used to work it looks like a small script i didn't know how had that would be to do ?
  4. Are we falling in a slump again ? Do we need a developer ??
  5. Did you try clearing the marked watched and broken databases?
  6. No the CinemaVision Service addon it ads the options to the content menu for auto updates and other features to the content menu
  7. Off subject but has anybody updated the service addon to work again service.cinemavision-1.0.0a1.zip
  8. Can you try changing the c2.jpg to c1.jpg , I think its because your skipping c1 in your question format .. its just a guess but every file structure i have is ( a. c. q. jpgs ) or if multiple clues it always has c1.jpg c2.jpg ..So having no c1 clue could be breaking it ...
  9. Most likely it's the file length.. I have those slides and they play fine
  10. Anyone ever check out the Movie Night app ? It's been an awesome little app for a small home theater trying to pick a day with the family & friends or worse yet trying to pick the movie was a pain so I got the whole family to download the app and we can decide on what movie. they can throw thier ideas in and everyone can pick what they want for movie night ..Seems really useful I don't know if anyone has anything better let me know ... http://www.themovienightapp.com
  11. just on trivia ?? if you took your trivia files out will it load the database ?
  12. Have you check you nfo file for your media ? dose it have the correct audio ?
  13. Go into your calibrate screen in your system menu.. Zero out your overscan composition on your Top left and Bottom Right 0,0 Pixel ratio 1.0... Make your Trivia slides what ever resolution is on Calibration Screen Also if you have photo shop you can make a batch process to convert all you image files by itself instead of one at a time ... but if your Red Carpet Club on here I believe all the photos are already 1920 by 1080 in that section
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