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  1. Go into your calibrate screen in your system menu.. Zero out your overscan composition on your Top left and Bottom Right 0,0 Pixel ratio 1.0... Make your Trivia slides what ever resolution is on Calibration Screen Also if you have photo shop you can make a batch process to convert all you image files by itself instead of one at a time ... but if your Red Carpet Club on here I believe all the photos are already 1920 by 1080 in that section
  2. turn down the resolution for your trailers to test see if its taking to long to pull the 1080 and timing out ...
  3. You have to make your resolution the same size most common 1920 by 1080 and You also need to adjust your kodi screen size to 1920 by 1080 also ..Do you know how to do that ?
  4. you have max rating and match genera selected ? what scrapers are you using? all of them?
  5. sounds like the trailers are not being marked watched .. ive never had this problem , are you fast forwarding threw the trailers? have you tried loading a test sequence telling it to play 10 or 20 trailers see what it does if it still repeats the same movies?
  6. are you streaming the audio ? like a pls file ? or is a track you on your kodi Mp3 or something ?
  7. if the have API access .. any of the one that still connect to the Hue bridge would have API access ( im using Zigbee bulbs with a Philips hue bridge )
  8. how are you changing audio on the video clips ??
  9. you used to be able to do this with .xml files rating,genre,even day of the week but i have not been able to get this to function anymore ether the xml format has changed or its not functional or maybe i just have something typed wrong im not sure...
  10. Anyone make any vertical trivia for a digital poster yet ?
  11. Quick ? when you adjust the screen size in Kodi with arrows and perfect square are you doing it by eye or matching the tv resolution ? i had the damnedest time with slides putting black bars top and bottom all the same res but some slide it would crop matches the size to of the adjustment screen to the 1080 of the slides and it fixed ...Maybe its a similar problem ..
    am i missing something looks like the render is broken apart?
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