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  1. I have several different Kodi boxes all getting bumpers , trivia , the movie and everything else from my NAS , My boxes are old t95z plus boxes my Nas is an old TeraStation server.. I did ( still do ) have an issue with my boxes sometimes seeing my NAS .. If i let my windows 7 machines boot first it would become the Domain master and my boxes wouldn't see the NAS . I have to make sure my Nas is up and running first it then becomes the domain host and they all see everything fine . even found a dos lanScan to find out what CP is the host . When my sever wasn't the host i could see any source i added before when the NAS was the host but no new sources ... Also are you ReScanning your library after every change to you folder structure ? after every time you add a video bumper or trivia file ? Because if CinemaVision is looking for something that isnt there or has moved she will just hang up and freeze, (it scans every file in the folder directory it doesnt just link to the folder source ) and also if you have one video bumper that has something wrong with it it will lock up every time because it next in line to be called because it hasnt be marked watched and will continue to bring that video bumper up when its time for that section of the sequence. I had trouble awhile back where i had a set of rating bumpers that where bad (never figured out why ) but my player would play them but cinemavision didnt like them for some reason . The only reason i found out was i pulled Everything out my folders and added one thing at a time ( re-scanning directories each time) till i found what was causing my problem was a set Uk rating bumpers .. LANscan_v1.68.zip
  2. ive been using Kodi from a nas since the start on SMB all my stuff runs to my different rooms from may Nas never had a problem
  3. Its in your menu settings ,, if i remember correctly its under advanced settings "clear trailer history or something " i will check when i get home ..
  4. seems like Trivia Slides for me don't repeat and looks like the API is calling it to be marked watched .. But i have had Trailers repeat on me ... I think its harder for some reason for the API to call marked watched on Trailers for some reason , Just like marking movies watched in something like Trakt (a movie watch list manager if you dont use it ) it to will crash kodi sometimes on a watched movie call ... I've noticed that if i keep my database refreshed the api has been pretty good at marking watched status on both trivia and the trailers
  5. Is this the start of Kodi crashing because not updating ?
  6. seem like it something on with you box what are you running kodi on ?
  7. are you sure all the slides are the same resolution ? if kodi is resizing it can cause that ..
  8. Try refreshing your content folder ..If its random sounds like you have a bad bumper or maybe a renamed file or folder .. If content is changed or not there it will blank screen and freeze
  9. Admins are working 9n it they have been working on it since they heard python 3 but I think there's only 2 of them.. I would stick with 18 till fixed ..Cinemavision isn't the only thing down with 19 half my add-ons are down because python 3 I can't even check the weather with 19
  10. Can you format you box back to factory then install 18.9 ?? Most times when you uninstall it leaves system settings behind that if you dont format you have to hunt down to delete
  11. have not tried it myself its i lot of work to redo and undo with my setup.. was think of trying it on one of my rigs that i dont use all the time Anyone else try it yet ?
    thanks for the set !!
    another set collected thank you !!
    anyone else switch back and forth to mix it up ??

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