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  1. Interested in doing this, and yes, SmartApp is not in SmartThings anymore. Anyone figured this out?
  2. Nice! I've been looking for this. Very clean. Can you do an updated version? Maybe the one from the movie theaters (gray background and in English)?
  3. Hello everyone, I am hoping that someone can help me out on this. I am new to Cinema Vision and to Kodi itself. I am trying to impress my family with theatrical style Cinema Vision provides. But unfortunately, almost every time, or almost 75% of the time, I get stuck or I get black screen (and waiting forever), no progress. Not making it to the feature/movie itself. Not really sure on why this keeps on happening. The black screen/crash/hang happens randomly and I can't figure out which part of the sequence is faulty. Please, anyone with a heart of gold, help me out.
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