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  1. OK, so if it's showing that, something else has installed python 3 on your machine and added it to your system path. Unfortunately, this means any fix I give you might break whatever on your system needs python 3 installed. You can follow the steps on this page to check out your environment variables and see if you can remove whatever path you've got pointing to Python 3, but odds are it WILL break whatever installed it. https://docs.telerik.com/teststudio/features/test-runners/add-path-environment-variables Note: Just follow the instructions on how to get to your system path environment variables...don't add the test studio installation path listed.
  2. Open up a command prompt on your computer and type this: python --version And see it tells you.
  3. Do you have python 3 installed on your machine for something else that's dropped the python directory in your system path?
  4. FYI, if it's the Random Trailers script, I think there is a dev working on a new version of this at https://github.com/fbacher/Kodi-script.video.randomtrailers . You may want to talk with them?
  5. No, it is not compatible with 19.x yet. It is being worked on.
  6. Might want to check out this thread for compatible skins.
  7. Did you get the version you reinstalled from here or the official Kodi Repo. I had trouble with the one in the official Kodi repo, so you might want to try the latest one from here. I'm afraid I don't have the link handy, but you should be able to find it searching the forums.
  8. That, I'm not sure about. For my newer trailers that I'm grabbing myself, I keep those in a separate folder and using the directory option as well. For the trailers I keep, I use the trailers option with those, using the kodi db as the primary source and I make sure I'm naming them properly. I also make sure I have the trailers folder set in Kodi to be a video source for movies so that it gets scanned into the kodi db. I'm not certain, but I think if you do it that way, CV can look at metadata for the trailer to determine genre/rating etc for matching movie rating and genre if you use those options. Seems to work for me. I'm also pretty sure CV will play trailers in the kodi db that aren't in that folder, but I've never tried it, since I don't keep movies in separate folders. Naming scheme for trailers is Movie Title (year)-trailer.ext Tombstone (1993)-Trailer.mp4 Tommy Boy (1995)-Trailer.mp4 No spaces on either side of the hyphen. Hope this is the info you need. I don't use conditional sequences or anything so I'm not a power user like some around here are, but I love the program so I help as much as I can.
  9. Instead of just pressing the button on the movie you want to play in Kodi, long press. It will bring up a context menu. Choose Cinemavision from there, and it will play your sequence using the movie you selected as the 'Feature'.
  10. Try installing this version to see if it helps. Also, if you go to the downloads section of this site, you will find dozens, if not hundreds, of free video bumpers for courtesy, and just about any other kind you'd need. If you want custom bumpers, there are a couple of folks around here who occasionally offer their services for a cost, and I personally have had some done by Priyansh at https://www.priyansh.net/. I also have had problems with Apple Trailers--but the problems appear to be on their end, so I gave up and now I have a youtube downloader program automatically download new trailers from a playlist to my trailers folder.
  11. You can get it from @Ragnarok's link in this thread:
  12. You don't need another PC to create material...this site has a ton of material available for download. Your best bet is to start here: https://cinemavision.tv/guides Just follow the walkthroughs and you'll get the hang of it--I've been using it on my Shields for years now and it works great!
  13. I love this addon...been using it for years, and I don't want to see it go away--do we need more money to continue development for Kodi 19? I'm willing to re-up; I'm sure others are as well!

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CinemaVision began in 2014 as a collaboration to create content for use with your home theater, offering movie trivia slides and video bumpers. It has since grown to be THE PREMIER WAY to create and customize your preshow experience. Download the CinemaVision add-on for Kodi today from the official Kodi repository, and easily create a sequence of trivia, videos, trailers, home automation triggers and more that will bring the experience of a movie theater straight to your screen!

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