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  1. If you look at the open issues on that project, they're having issues with speed as well that match what I was seeing while I was still using Apple trailers. I really do think it's some sort of throttling on the Apple side.
  2. I'm fairly certain this isn't so much a Cinemavision issue as it is an Apple being stingy with bandwidth all over issue. Here's a thread I started from a couple of years ago about the same thing.
  3. I love having the ratings bumpers right before the movie, but I'd love to be able to throw an action file in between them so I can tell kodi to match the refresh rate of the movie. If I do that before the ratings bumpers, then I have to wait with blank projector for a good 10 seconds while the projector changes to whatever the ratings bumper is, and then again when the feature starts.
  4. I thought since nobody else mentioned this, that I just didn't see a button or something. This would've saved me so much grief over the past few years here...
  5. There isn't one yet. You're stuck with 18.x for now until the wonderful volunteers that are working on conversion to Python 3 have something for us.
  6. OK, so if it's showing that, something else has installed python 3 on your machine and added it to your system path. Unfortunately, this means any fix I give you might break whatever on your system needs python 3 installed. You can follow the steps on this page to check out your environment variables and see if you can remove whatever path you've got pointing to Python 3, but odds are it WILL break whatever installed it. https://docs.telerik.com/teststudio/features/test-runners/add-path-environment-variables Note: Just follow the instructions on how to get to your system path environment variables...don't add the test studio installation path listed.
  7. Open up a command prompt on your computer and type this: python --version And see it tells you.
  8. Do you have python 3 installed on your machine for something else that's dropped the python directory in your system path?
  9. FYI, if it's the Random Trailers script, I think there is a dev working on a new version of this at https://github.com/fbacher/Kodi-script.video.randomtrailers . You may want to talk with them?
  10. No, it is not compatible with 19.x yet. It is being worked on.
  11. Might want to check out this thread for compatible skins.
  12. Did you get the version you reinstalled from here or the official Kodi Repo. I had trouble with the one in the official Kodi repo, so you might want to try the latest one from here. I'm afraid I don't have the link handy, but you should be able to find it searching the forums.
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