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    Kodi Leia 18.1 with 1.1.1a8 Error

    Got this working great again finally by downgrading kodi to 18.0. This build in particular for android nvidia shield - 'kodi-18.0-Leia-armeabi-v7a.apk' Just uninstall your current Kodi, then place the apk in downloads folder on your device, then use ES file manager to install it.
  2. drewjbx

    Kodi Leia 18.1 with 1.1.1a8 Error

    Yah I have a shield and tried this latest CV... hangs on black screen, looks like CV developers have taken a long break, guess I will look into downgrading kodi.
  3. drewjbx

    KODI v18 Support?

    Missing cinemavision here as well... almost tempted to downgrade kodi to krypton. Hope someone updates this great addon soon.
  4. Thanks for the reply, so I did try the THX eclipse short trailer, success in cropping to 2:35 but my receiverc is reading audio as multi-channel in. Also my rear back surrounds and front and rear height speakers are not outputting as they would with original trailer. I'm assuming that has to do with handbrake limiting audio to 5.1, will play with it a little more see if I can just retain the exact same source audio.. Ok I figured it out... in the audio section you select the codec and match it with source.. in the case its DTS-HD Passthru, They do have TrueHD as well so atmos should work. There is also an 'Auto Selection' which probably detects source. Anyhow I have some video bumpers and audio trailers to crop. Thanks again for the tip!
  5. Hello I know this is more of a question appropriate for a video encoding forum but thought I'd as anyway. All media like audio bumpers, video bumpers, etc are 1:85 .,.. I have a cinescope 139" 2:35 screen. Anyone know an easy way to recode (crop) these videos to 2:35 without losing the audio format? I tried with VLC but audio comes out 2.0. Adobe premiere doesn't support MKV so that's out. Any help or tips would be great..
  6. drewjbx

    Play selected movie in 1 click?

    Ok got it.. thanks!
  7. Sorry if this has been asked, is there anyway to run CV on the default kodi 'play' command without having to open dialog box, select CV, then select play.

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