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  1. ELPTheater

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Rdsp will likely be able to help you out. Just be patient - this isn’t anyone’s “job” - so it may be a few days. Curious why you use RS-232 instead of hdmi to trigger the power up?
  2. ELPTheater

    Is CinemaVision still being developed?

    This is the exact configuration I’m running. No issues.
  3. ELPTheater

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    I'd be interested in giving the tags a go - OTA - can you provide a sample of how you tagged your ATMOS files?
  4. ELPTheater

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Whatever is included in the NVidia Shield experience updates. I’m running the latest. I believe it’s “9.0 Pie” if that helps.
  5. ELPTheater

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Hey RDSP -- I'm a bad community member - kind of left this whole upgrade thing set aside because my system was working well and I was kinda nervous to screw it all up and have to try to figure out how to go back. Short story: IT COULDN'T HAVE WORKED BETTER!!! Congrats, sir. You've really nailed this! Here is my situation in case it applies to anyone else. I'm working on a NVidia Shield TV - 2018 (I think? - It's not the newest, newest, but one step up from the original if I remember correctly.) 1. I had Kodi 18.1 with the original 1.1.1a8 from Ragnorak - and it was working flawlessly - including some really complicated lighting automation as well. I had shut off the Google Store auto-update to keep it safe. 2. Last weekend I decided to bite the bullet - went into the app settings for Kodi and chose to update - the system installed v18.4 from the Google Play Store over the top of my Kodi 18.1 and left CV 1.1.1a8 in place. 3. I downloaded CV 1.1.1a12 - and did an install from ZIP -- overwriting the old version (in other words, I never uninstalled anything - neither Kodi nor CV.) I also didn't reload anything else. Left my original sequences in place. 4. Went to a movie and selected the CV button and held my breath. PERFECTION! Every module played and worked EXACTLY as it should. No hiccups, no black screens, no issues. Sorry for being late in getting back to you - but congratulations all the same. You've brought our beloved CV back to life! And I for one couldn't be more appreciative! Cheers!
  6. ELPTheater

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    The only issue I ran into was that I had changed the transition times in my trivia module. When I put them back to defaults it all started working.
  7. ELPTheater

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    I have it running on a Win10 PC on Kodi 18.4 and it runs through my whole sequence including Philips Hue actions. No problem. Haven’t been brave enough to move it onto my Shield yet - which is still running 18.0 with the original dev version.
  8. ELPTheater

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Well, look at you with your "Developer" badge... I'll give it a go on the Shield when I get my theater back in order - did a little shuffling of equipment, so everything is in pieces in the middle of the room until I rearrange. I am certainly glad to hear about Ragnarok - it's the first word that he's actively keeping an eye here! Thanks rdsp - I honestly think that with you stepping up to help out, it's brought this project back to life!
  9. ELPTheater

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    So a couple of things. The issue with the trivia was on a Windows 10 PC - not the Shield. And as soon as I reset the module to all defaults - if worked. Now, I could manipulate the fade duration and see what happens. I still remember the settings that were “bad.” In regards to the Shield, I can wait for the context menu - anyone who is still involved with CinemaVision has plenty of patience - so that’s no biggie. That said, I may go ahead and give it a go - with ADBLink it’s short work to restore if it just doesn’t function. Glad to hear about the domain and content - anything you’d like to share with the rest of the class?
  10. ELPTheater

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Great - let me know. I'll hold off on the Shield implementation then and I can test it fully there whenever you're ready. If you can't figure it out, just let me know and I'll move forward - I'm looking forward to FINALLY having 18.3 working - 18.0 has a bug that prevents screen aspects from being saved, so I have to correct that every time I start a movie currently. 18.3 seems to have corrected that - but it's worth the hassle to keep CV working, so I just put up with it (until now - hopefully!) Thanks again - you've been a real blessing to this community. I think if you're here and you use this add-on, it's because you really appreciate the cinema experience - and to have this back up and working is wonderful. Now, someone just needs to figure out how to keep the website working before the domain expires!
  11. ELPTheater

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Will do, I'll report back. Well, I'll be a.... You nailed it. As soon as I set trivia back to it's defaults, it took right off... what the heck. I'm still letting the sequence play, but it sure looks like that was it. If it errors out any other point, I'll let you know. So do you think this is something you could figure out how to fix, or will I need to stay with the default transitions time when I move this to my Shield? ============================ Just to update - full sequence played, including light cues - no issues all the way to the end on 18.3 with 1.1.1a10 on a Windows 10 PC I'll push it out to my Shield and make the change to the trivia, unless you think this is something you could update and fix - in which case, I'll wait for the fix and test it for you. Thanks rdsp - you really should be getting some developer coin for this...
  12. ELPTheater

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Let me know - the only error I see is something about trying to load some PNG - "Public Broadcasting - something or other" - No idea what that is - I am not pointing to anything like that in my sequence. kodi.log
  13. ELPTheater

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Debugging is enabled (which I believe your new version defaults it?) The bumper is from the Edison series and I point to the file directly. Stand by, I'm going to see if I can remote into my home PC and upload the log...
  14. ELPTheater

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Yes, v1.1.1.a10. I'll post the log when I get home tonight - but it's not very enlightening - it shows everything loading fine, then after the trivia it's that "unable to focus window" error - then I have to force quit - so there isn't anything further.
  15. ELPTheater

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    I'm just curious - did you have to do this from a fresh install of Kodi? On my Windows 10 desktop, I upgraded Kodi from 18.0 to 18.3. I completely uninstalled all CV components and went into the Kodi Directory to make absolutely sure everything was deleted. Reinstalled CV from rdsp's fixes and then added the content menu component. Using an existing set of sequences, mine still just hangs at a black screen after the trivia. The same old "a window is asking for focus and it can't" error that I've been getting from the beginning. Kodi 18.0 continues to work without issue. I feel like I must be missing a step, but I sure can't figure out what it is - and I'm hesitant to push it out to my Shield until I see it working on my PC first. It's just a lot of work to get everything functioning correctly on 18.0 because it has some bugs itself. So I don't want to wipe out all of that work. Any input would be appreciated. I'd love for this to be a fix, but, so far, I'm not seeing it on my end - again, given the successes here, it must be something on my end, just not sure where to start.,

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