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  1. Sorry for not getting back sooner (had some family visit and forgot about it). I tested it with my FireTV 4K running Kodi 18.4 Leia and it now appears to work fine. Well, it has one issue, but that's the theme's fault, namely XonFluence needs editing to get rid of the "working" dialogs like I did for the old Confluence. Sadly, I forget the line offhand I need to change in it. It's a shame most theme developers can't be bothered to add one line in their themes to make it work properly. But then this one hasn't been updated for the new Global Search changes either so it doesn't look so good there, but it's such a nice version of Confluence I hate to abandon it (can't seem to stand most KODI themes as they are too complex and slow the machine down and/or don't show things I want them to show. Xonfluence is Confluence on steroids, where I can add custom backgrounds and all kinds of things but it still is fast and supports the views i like).
  2. I have a zip file with the same name I had previously tried weeks ago, but it does appear to be a different length so I can give it a try later tonight.
  3. There's a newer version than that I linked several messages up. It doesn't work beyond 18.1. It'll start to play a video (as in a trailer or whatever on your timeline) and may or may not show one, but then it just goes black. If there's a newer version than 1.1.1a11, I'd like to know about it.
  4. I dunno. I'm having problems with KODI now too. It just "stops" on my Nvidia Shield like someone pressed stop, just since the 18.4 update and/or the latest NVidia Shield update. So it's not just Cinemavision that's having issues. But there's no signs of fixes anywhere. I'm starting to think I may have to go back to watching movies with the discs if this keeps up. I have an older version of KODI on my Zidoo X9S. I'm thinking it might still work (don't know if Cinemavision will work on a Zidoo or not, but I don't see why not).
  5. I find it odd Ragnarok posts new announcements at the KODI forums, but the New Annoucements here are all KODI news (seems kind of backwards somehow). Quoted from the link below: https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=231881&pid=2885730#pid2885730
  6. I don't know. I'd have to try it, but I'm using Xonfluence, not No Limits. It came up, but I couldn't select anything (Cinemavision that is)
  7. I don't really care about new features. I'd just like it to run again so it's usable. It apparently worked in 18.0 so it couldn't be something too big, I don't think. Is Ragnarok the only one that worked on it?
  8. So, I may be forced to use Leia if I want SMB to work with Windows 10 here (seeing it has no NFS server built-in and SMB1 is dangerous to run). That means Cinemavision will stop working. I see no updates for years here. Is CinemaVision basically dead now? There used to be "goal" meters, etc. for the next version and they're nowhere to be seen so I'm just assuming the worst, really. I'm so glad I signed up for that lifetime membership now.... 😉
  9. Is there any way to have Cinemavision suspend KODI's "Adjust Display Refresh Rate" to OFF while CinemaVision is doing its thing and then turn it back ON right before the main features starts? I want my movies to be smooth and not drop frames (hence ON), but having it on while CinemaVision plays through bumpers, commercials, etc. causes big delays with my projector which then often misses the beginning of some of the CinemaVision bumpers/videos. Thus, I'd prefer it off so those play quickly, but then have it back on when the movie starts. If there is currently no way, I'd like to see that option, if possible, in the future. EDIT: Nevermind, I see there's another thread on this.
  10. I was thinking that perhaps some of the "movie facts" and "film quotes" need their own timer for similar reasons. They seem to be using the "answer" timer and trying to read a paragraph in 6 seconds can be rough, yet like aufvr pointed out, for trivia questions that basically have one word answers, you're sitting there a long time staring at something like "Han Solo" if you increase the time to make film quotes readable. I don't know if it was just the one trivia slide set, but I recall at least one Star Wars (think it was Revenge of the Sith) set where it had a "blank" for the answer and it started filling in "hint" letters. Not only did this take the equivalent time of like 5 normal trivia questions (i.e. I would never include that type for any reason personally), but it seemed to get the order wrong in that it gave the answer and then gave more hints. Can we just pull intermediate slides out of a collection to skip over 5 hints so it gives ONE and that's it? I hate to give up the entire Star Wars set because of one or two bad behaving slides. Many trivia slides seem to be followed immediately by film quotes from the same movie (don't think this is a coincidence since much of the time they seem to be related to that question). Again, this seems to use the answer timer which means I often can't read them fast enough, particularly if I wasn't paying attention since the last answer was a "one word" one and I'm waiting for the next question. Perhaps film quotes could be set to use the question timer instead? That would make a lot more sense, IMO. OTOH, maybe it already is and I'm just thinking 8-9 seconds are going by fast because I'm trying to look at the slide and read the text? I've also had the trivia timer be up and the movie previews start just as a slide comes up (say a film quote) I want to read and it cuts out. I assume it will not show that one again since it will be marked read. What about the possibility of extending the timer to finish a given slide set before proceeding (i.e. timer + current slide set)? That would ensure it doesn't start the movie in the middle of a slide.
  11. The CinemaVision launcher add-on is a context menu add-on. In other words, that's the only place it adds the CinemaVision button. If some skins make it available elsewhere, that's up to the skin authors. Personally, I don't want every video I start to use CinemaVision so a context menu option is fine for me.
  12. I'm not sure why it's not working for you, but you could try this modded one (Arctic Zephyr Plus) that I also added a line of code to remove the "busy" indicator from. It works fine here with CinemaVision. skin.arctic.zephyr_plus.master.CinemaKrypton.zip
  13. If anyone wants Confluence 3.1.0 (for 17.3 Krypton) modified so it suppresses the "working" busy indicator, I've attached a modified version here. It only changes one line of code as illustrated above. If anyone wants a version for 15.2 Isengard, I can provide one there as well. I've also got a modified Arctic Zephyr Plus that also rids it of the busy indicator only when using CinemaVision. Use the "add with zip" option under Add-Ons in the system preferences to install it (don't unzip it yourself). You'll still need the CinemaVision launcher add-on here. This only gets rid of the annoying "working" busy indicator that pulls you out of the cinema feel. SkinConfluenceCinemaKrypton3.1.0.zip
  14. Have you considered using PROFILES in Kodi? With that, you basically can have a different set of settings for each "person" added to the list. It's also a great way to block adult content for younger viewers, etc. You could have a separate user setting for your son and "his" settings for CinemaVision could have different trivia slides, etc. than yours. You could alternatively use this for different presentations in general (SciFi, Classics, Family, etc. etc.). Basically, you create a default setup for everyone (normally defaults to whatever you already have set up for a single user) and then you can modify that setup for the new accounts (remove video sources, change plugin settings, etc.) It may not be perfect, but it's probably better than having to manually exchange slides, videos, etc. You would, of course, have to have a different CinemaVision set of directories for each user to have different settings, but you only have to do this once instead of moving files every time.
  15. I wouldn't use trivia slides from the movie under any circumstance (like you say you'd be giving things away in the movie). What I think you want is to impress them with the overall movie theater-like experience and IMO that doesn't necessarily mean you have to even use trivia slides at all. Personally, I've got scripts for No Trailers No Trailers with Cartoon Short No Trailers with Trivia No Trailers with Trivia and Cartoon Short I also have the same WITH trailers with the above options. My default is NoTrailers (least obtrusive for my own personal viewing when I don't have visitors but still want THX bumpers, etc. to play). So the question is then what do I play beyond trailers and possible trivia or cartoons (which are Disney or Looney Tunes randomly picked). I'll run through what I use and when. Keep in mind I got 90% of these from YouTube captures (at 720p when possible). I'll show the full script order and (if used) ones are only there if that script is selected: 1> (Trivia Intro if Trivia selection is used) - I couldn't find ANYTHING useful online except CinemaVision's own trailer downloads and they're so specifically themed, I didn't want to use them so I made my own with iMovie with some effects and sounds. I thought it turned out pretty cool. 2> (Actual Trivia Slides if used) 3> Countdown - I have 14 Countdown videos randomly picked to let you know it's getting ready to start (whether leaving Trivia or just starting the movie process) ranging from old film style ones to space or breaking glass, etc. 4> Courtesy Video - I've currently got 32 courtesy/rules/intro videos ranging from turn off your cell phone videos to MrBean cinema rules to No Smoking in the theater videos to "Welcome to Cinemark" intro videos and even the recent Angry Birds courtesy video. I've also got stuff like "Lets go the lobby" here including the Geico modern version and the Simpson one where homer bites the head off the walking hot dog with screams/panic. It randomly picks one. 5> Theater Intro - That's the name I use, but instead of a theater intro (pointless for me since it's covered in Feature/Courtesy/Coming Attraction videos already) I use a short candy-or drink themed commercial no longer than 15-25 seconds at most. I have Reece's, Payday, Twix, Milky Way, Coca-Cola, York Peppermint Patties and some of them are theater themed. Others fit well anyway. Plus I have a bunch of those Snickers commercials where "you're not yourself" including celebrity ones with MrBean, Joan Collins, Betty White etc. as they are kind of funny. It's kind of a movie gimmick/snack reminder without being long enough to be irritating. 6> Short Film - Here I currently have 48 randomly picked videos. 27 of them are M&M "funny" commercials including some movie theater based ones. Most are 720P HD. I have a funny skittles commercial as well. I also have several "sexy" Carls Jr. Burger commercials, Go Daddy commercials and 9 funny Subaru commercials featuring dogs driving the cars (My last three cars have been Subarus so it makes sense for me plus they were pretty funny). These are either meant to be funny or entertaining and generally are longer 25 second to almost a minute (I don't want 'boring' ads here) 7> (Trailer Intro If Trailers are used in script) - Currently 13 randomly picked. Most of these are from real theaters or designed for a real theater "Coming Attractions" type messages. 8> (Trailer if used) 9> (Cartoon Intro if used) - I found some cartoon network and a "cartoon explosion" 'intro' if cartoons short option is used 10> (Cartoon if used) - I use video play "directory" for this and have hundreds of Disney and Loony Tune cartoons (I bought some rather complete sets on DVD a long time ago and while not HD, they still look pretty good even on a 93" screen). I have so many, in fact, it'd be nice if CinemaVision would keep track which ones were played so they don't repeat until they go through them all. 11> Feature Intro - Currently 28 randomly picked entries. These are mostly from real theaters or designed for real theaters and I've got most all the General Cinema stuff from 1970s until they were bought out to all the cartoon Cinemark videos, the Regal Roller coaster, etc. The key was to find as high/clean resolution as possible. This was difficult in some cases (e.g. most of the Cinemark cartoons are poor resolution and have copyright and other messages added in the corner that did not exist in the theater; one provider had the unmarked videos in better quality, however). The regal roller coaster was available in HD due to it being re-released, but the video had a YouTube "intro" text tacked on that destroyed its usefulness, but some editing in iMovie fixed that.... I've even got cinema feature intros from British theaters in England. 12> Feature Outro - I use this to randomly pick one of 17 videos for either THX Bumpers or Cinemark "XD" bumpers. Who doesn't love THX bumpers before the movie? 13> Audio Bumper - Detected Audio Used selects a matching bumper. I've got 5 stereo ones (Dolby Stereo, Dolby SR Stereo and Ultra Stereo plus two generic Dolbys), 15 Dolby Digital ones, 2 regular DTS ones, 5 DTS-HD Master Audio ones, 1 dolby digital plus, 2 Dolby Atmos, 2 Dolby TrueHD, 2 DTS-X and 1 DataSat. I don't think Atmos, DTS-X or Datasat are detectable yet and I'm not sure about Dolby Digital Plus detection in Kodi (I don't have any to test it with). DolbyTrueHD, DTS, DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital and stereo (OTHER) all work fine. 14> Rating - I use blue styled rating slides instead of videos as Kodi seems to cut off the fade in/out here for some reason. These are detected and match the movie and don't show up if there is no rating (as opposed to officially "not rated" which has its own slide). 15> FEATURE MOVIE (Yay the movie finally plays!) 16> (Intermission) - If 2+ movies are queued instead of just one, it randomly selects one of 6 Drive-In style Intermission videos to play between the movies. These are 6-10 minutes in length and allow people to go to the bathroom or get snacks while showing classic drive-in videos for those still sitting there waiting (nostalgic). Sadly, these aren't the highest video quality, but they're still cool. 17> Any Additional Movies Play with 16-17 repeating until the queue is empty. 18> Theater Outro - Random selection of 7 items here. This plays if you let the credits roll all the way through on the last movie feature. I've got a drive-in goodnight message, the ending to Ferris Bueller (funny bit it really showed at end of credits "You're still here? It's over! Go Home....Go!") and a few variations on the Loony Tunes "That's All Folks" including a funny one from the end of Space Jam where Porky keeps stuttering until they turn the lights out on him and he finally just says "Go Home folks". Again, most of those videos I have are on YouTube. All are available somewhere on the Net and the trivia and some of the audio bumpers are from right here. Hopefully, that will give you some ideas. I did have at least one person react with "This is the stuff I hate at the theaters and want to skip!" but most thought it was pretty cool, especially if they recognized the old theater feature intro as something they hadn't seen in ages (e.g. 1970s General Cinema stuff or even the 1990s candy band bits)
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