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  1. I have used CV in the past and have saved bumpers etc on a network share drive. But I had to reinstall Kodi few months back and since then I have not been able to setup CV content path to the same location. I am using Kodi 18.4 with Aura skin. When I try to select old location in content path, it tells me "make sure the selected folder is writable and that the new folder name is valid". This network location is shared in Kodi as a source, so it shows up fine. I can playback media from these folders manually but I hit a problem when selecting those locations in content path? Any one can help me fix this. I think it has something to do with writing permission which I do not know how to fix.
  2. I will give it a try. I managed to launch CV but only way that happens is if I goto directory of Movies and then use context menu. But its not available from home menu or any other place.
  3. I had CV working in Kodi default skin. Couple of days back i changed the skin to Arctic Zephyr. Now there is no way to launch CV. I have installed CV launcher from context menu addons. But still when I pull up a movie, it gives me no option to launch CV. It has every other button available but CV. So far I have failed to find a way to launch CV before a movie in this skin. I have uninstalled and reinstalled CV launcher and its enabled. No clue why the launcher is not working.
  4. So I made things work. I put regular trailer intro and then kodi db trailers, then second i put a feature intro bumper but it shows coming soon videos and then iTunes trailers play. As per cvurl files are concerned, I finally managed to play them. Thank you so much for helping me in this. I love it so much.
  5. For some reason if i switch source to content, then it plays nothing. It just skips to next video bumper. No buffering etx. Also let me ask you, is it possible to have it set up to play a video bumper saying Now playing and then couple of trailers are setup to play Kodi DB trailers only. Then next video bumper says Coming soon and then play couple of iTunes trailers? Can that work in someway?
  6. So finally got some luck with it. But I had to chose in sequence source to be file. I tried content but that did not work. So when I chose the source to be file then it played. Other settings were exactly as you posted. So is it possible to play more than one, because choosing file wont let me play more than 1 file. Choosing content, I had no dice.
  7. I am trying again, but for some reasons now CV is not working. I can goto settings and change that but i can not edit sequences, and neither it runs. Cleared Kodi cache, restarted everything. Now CV working again. Next step test the file you gave me.
  8. I tried putting a cvurl file in Trailers folder, then put trailers to play from that directory, but it did not play. Then I did was in sequence put it to play specific file in trailers folder, it still did not play. Thats why I asked in op what I am doing wrong? Should I instead of adding it as a trailer, add it as a video sequence? In that case when I goto edit sequence and add video bumper, I can chose a single file, but then when pointing to that single file, only options of source are addon zip files. It does not give me option to select directory from my android device or external file sources.
  9. My iTunes trailers have improved. And what you said in the end is exactly I would love to have. Start with a Banner saying Now Playing and showing only Kodi DB trailers, then second banner showing Coming soon and only new movie trailers. Have you attempted to use CVURL file to play a trailer from youtube?
  10. First of all thanks for this amazing add-on. It has worked like charm. Only issue I have is with trailers. First I tried to set up priority to play Itunes trailers, but for some reasons most of those trailers were either featurettes on making of movie or some b-grade movies which I have never heard of. After testing it out for a while, I switched to having KodiDB as priority which works well but it only plays trailers of movies that I already have in my library. Which is fine but not optimal. Because i have some old B/W movies too and those trailers don`t look good. I was wondering if it is possible to play couple of trailers of new mainstream movies in HD, then couple of trailers of movies in my library, but only if trailer is available in HD? So is it possible to restrict Kodi DB trailers only to trailers available in at least 720p or above? Also is it possible to have 2 different trailer module play 2 different kind of trailers? Like one module only playing trailers from library and other only playing of movies that are coming soon? Then I was reading about how to make a text file into a .CVURL file with a link of youtube trailer and play that as a video. But so far i have failed in doing so. I have made a text document with a youtube link. Then changed the ext to .CVURL and put it in trailer directory of CV. In CV settings I tried to set up trailer source as Directory and then also added the path to that directory. But it does not play any trailer anymore. Then I tried to make source file, and put in exact path of .CVURL file. But it still does not play it. So what I am doing wrong? How to fix it?
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