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  1. Finally got my CinemaVision sequences (both 2D and 3D) just right. Thank you to the entire CinemaVision team for working on this superb piece of software. I'm very happy with the result. Below is how my 2D sequence looks. Since we live on McCoy Ave., we've branded our home theater "The McCoy Miniplex" (and you'll see references to The McCoy Miniplex throughout the pre- and post-show). Also, for the purposes of this demo, I removed the "trailer" and "feature" and replaced them with a still placeholder image indicating where they would go:
  2. Beautiful! Thank you so much! And thank you also for always being so responsive to us; it's really cool realizing that, even though all of you put such an incredible amount of hard work into developing your brilliant software, we might also have some very small role in shaping it.
  3. I love the concept of "Actor Scramble" for trivia! It's a great idea! I was wondering, though, if there could be a version released with less text on the "answer" slides? The problem I'm having is that the large paragraph of text in the answers of "Actor Scramble" doesn't really sync well with the slide decks of other trivia (where the answer slides are quite a bit shorter--some literally just give the answer, without any "flavor" text at all). In the status quo, I'm faced with a problem: either keep default duration for the answer slide, which doesn't give nearly enough time for a viewer to read the answer slides of "Actor Scramble"... OR, increase the amount of time for the answer slide, but then it gives the viewer WAY too much time to read the answer for more concise answers from other slide decks. If possible, I'd love it if the "Actor Scramble" answers could be shortened to make it consistent with other trivia slide decks. Thanks as always for your consideration! Au
  4. +1. It seems like I'm especially prone to getting foreign language trailers when retrieving 3D trailers from StereoscopyNews. And it's not even foreign films. They'll give me American films dubbed in Russian, German, etc. etc.
  5. Ah, cool! Do you recall the user name of that person? If so, I'd love to check whether (s)he would be willing to share the MPO files.
  6. I'd be absolutely stoked if CinemaVision released a trivia package in 3D; this could be accomplished by taking the JPG images and putting them in JPS format instead. Many thanks for your consideration!
  7. Your priorities are definitely in the right place. Audio stream is easy enough for us to fix on our own; development, on the other hand, is far more valuable. Thank you for all your help.
  8. Very cool! Thanks for linking to the guide. Very helpful!
  9. Hmm, now that I'm playing around with it, I'm seeing that StereoscopyNews.com unfortunately seems to sporadically shift between trailers of all different 3D formats. Sometimes side-by-side (SBS), sometimes top-bottom. Always impossible to predict. Have you encountered this and is there a good way to filter for SBS only?
  10. Beautiful! Thank you! It seems to have required one additional step (going into the "Content" menu to first enable StereoscopyNews.com before I could select it under the "Trailers" menu).
  11. So, I'm trying to setup my first 3D sequence, but it always skips over the trailer (I'm guessing because no 3D trailers are available?). The only way I've successfully gotten trailers to play in my 3D sequence is if I untick the setting for "Filter for 3D based on feature" (and when I untick that setting, it reverts to just showing 2D trailers instead). Has anybody found a way to get 3D trailers? Am I missing something?
  12. Never mind. Found this really helpful entry in the Kodi Wiki on how to manipulate the file name so that it will properly categorize 3D movies: http://kodi.wiki/view/3D#Video_filenames_flags The problem is all resolved now.
  13. Hi, Kodi seems to have miscategorized a bunch of my 3D movies as 1080p instead. The problem is that when I play these movies, CinemaVision must see them categorized as 1080p and then CinemaVision (understandably) fails to play my sequence for 3D movies. Is there a way to manually change the resolution for a movie in my Kodi library? If so, that seems like it would be the cleanest solution to get CinemaVision to recognize that my 3D movies are, in fact, 3D. Thanks a bunch! Au
  14. Well, I ended up finally creating my own sequence for CinemaVision. After tinkering around, I'm reasonably convinced that the issue was what you already suggested: that the streaming audio wasn't loading properly (for whatever reason). I found that when I downloaded all the various radio stations to stream, probably around 40% of them wouldn't work at all. As for the StreamingSoundtracks.com, I could only get it to work if I used the "Low Bandwidth" version (it wouldn't work at all with the CD version). It wasn't just CinemaVision that exhibited that behavior; the audio streams that wouldn't work in CinemaVision also failed to load in VLC Player. Oh well. I'm just avoiding the streaming audio files that don't work, and considering this issue resolved.
  15. Ah ha! Didn't realize I also had to turn on debugging for Kodi (I don't think it mentions that in the guide?). Once I flipped that on, my log file is now quite a bit longer. Also, when I played it the most recent time, it played all the way to the end EXCEPT it still gave the message about "Playback failed." If I wait it out, though, it continues with trivia and goes all the way through everything else without a problem. I'm not sure if it always behaved that way (it's possible I was just impatient and quit out of it after the "Playback failed" message, not realizing that it would continue on its own if I just waited long enough). Regardless, I'm starting to think that the only problem is with the "Trivia Intro" video. Anyway, here's the full log: https://pastebin.com/NkpZifqY
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