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  1. Hello, I finally got Kodi 18.1 running with the current CV version on my Nvidia Shield TV, and wanted to ask if the current Kodi version 18.6 is also supported by CV. Maybe someone is already running? Thanks in advance.
  2. So I tested again. I made my own .cvaction for each action. Individually they work very well, only when I try to run CV completely, then Kodi crashes again after switching on the Denon. I will run Kodi 17.6 till the problem is fixed. Thank you @rdsp for your work and your efforts.
  3. @rdsp Thank you very very much. I´ll try it later.
  4. I did the action DenonOn.cvaction and it works. The DenonOf action is working also. The IP Adress is censured, yes.
  5. @rdspThank you for the fast feedback. Your job is great. If I do the whole thing in the Sequence editor then kodi crashes too. When kodi crashes, i am automatically back in the shield TV interface The reason why you don´t see the DenonOn.cvaction is, I have Denon On Action in the beameron.cvaction file. Her it is the beameron.cvaction file: sleep://1000 command:///data/user/0/com.arachnoid.sshelper/bin/beameron.sh (=Beamer On) sleep://8000 http://192.168.188.xx/goform/formiPhoneAppPower.xml?1+PowerOn (=Denon On) sleep://4000 command:///data/user/0/com.arachnoid.sshelper/bin/bildpauseon.sh (=Beamer black mask) sleep://90000 command:///data/user/0/com.arachnoid.sshelper/bin/bildpauseoff.sh (=Beamer black mask off) sleep://2000 command:///data/user/0/com.arachnoid.sshelper/bin/digitalkino.sh (=Beamer Picture setup digital cinema) Kodi crashes exactly at the point when the Denon is switched on. Up to this point, everything works If I have switched on the projector and the Denon before I start CV, everything will work perfectly. It looks like that the moment Denon On Crashes Kodi. Funny thing is that it all works in version Kodi 17.6.
  6. With rs232 I can control the projector more precisely and directly, e.g. Format changeover, zoom, color settings, HDR etc. After Trailer Show (in1080p) the Beamer switch to 4K HDR Mode and Zoom into 21:9, if the Movie is in this Format, thats not possible with HDMi.
  7. First of all I would like to thank you for the further development of CV. I run CV Version 1.1.1a12 on Nvidia Shield TV with Kodi 18.5. The Version 18.1+1.1.1a10 doesn´t work for me. When I run CV first I have a action file that turns on the projector via RS232 on and then turns on the Denon AV Receiver before an intro clip starts. With Kodi version 17.6 and CV 1.1.0 everything was stable. With the current configuration, CV and Kodi crashes after the Denon AV Receiver is turned on. I switched on the projector and the Denon and then activated CV it works. What could be the problem? Here is the log: https://pastebin.com/27qaXc8j Hope somebody can help me.
  8. Thank you I try it and it works with Problems.
  9. Hello together, is there a chance to run Cinemavision on Nvidia Shield TV and Kodi 18.5? Is there any support for cinemavision add-on in 2020?
  10. I solved the problem. In the scraper.py I change from english to german and now my Trailers are in german😉👍
  11. Hello, I run the new cinemavision Ad-On Development Release 1.1.1a8 with TMDB Trailer and it works great. A fluid playback without buffering. Great. Thank you. My question is: Is it possible to switch the TMDB trailer scraper to german language? And how can I do it.
  12. I would have exactly the same DialogNotification.xml but this doesn´t work. If I send it without cinemavision everything is okay and works fine, but if I try it with running cinemavision nothing appears.
  13. Same Problem with Skin Aeon Nox. If I Play a Movie and Send the Text via the Browser the Text appear on the screen, but if I play cinemavision and send the text nothing happens. Looks like that it is not a skin problem
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