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  1. Any updates from our fearless leaders? Even just to know they're still plowing through would provide a little hope.
  2. Yeah, this is one of those times where going into "cruise control" bit me. When I was using an ODroid as my Kodi device, I stayed pretty current on both the OS and Kodi, keeping things updated on my own and so forth. Then I retired the ODroid and went to a Shield as the primary device, and when I did kind of stopped keeping big tabs on development. I let Android handle auto updates, and didn't give it a thought. I didn't even know the next Kodi was dropping, let alone all the stuff about Python 3, or I would have turned off auto updating for the app and held back. Instead, went to power up the theater one night, saw the Kodi Matrix boot screen, then the slew of invalid addon messages. So now I get to wait, or get impatient enough to find a version of Kodi 18 to sideload, but I'm really hoping to avoid that route.
  3. Keeping my fingers crossed they can get us compatibility ported to 19 soon. The Shield in my theater dropped 19 on me before I realized it, so I'm stuck for now. Not to mention it finally broke my favorite, no longer developed, skin that I've been nursing along for a few years...
  4. Ok, long story short. I've been using an ODroid C2 to run Kodi with CV for the last 3 years. My sequences trigger automations mostly through web calls to my SmartThings Hub (dim lights, change LEDs in soffit, etc...). Been working perfect and haven't needed to touch anything (other than I switched to CoreELEC running Leia early this year). Fast forward to today, I've cut the cable meaning the rest of my TV stuff in the theater (aka my TiVo) need to be replaced with an Android TV box. My current thinking is getting a Shield Pro (or regular and add a little extra storage via microsd). So for anyone running Kodi on the Shield with CV (or Kodi in general for that matter), have you seen any limitations, issues with addons, themes that absolutely don't work, anything like that? Second, is there any reason CV couldn't use the web calls from a Shield? And last but not least, is anyone running the Plex for Kodi addon in the shield, and if so how does it compare to the Plex android app? I hear rumors that the Kodi addon actually works better.
  5. So locally, there was a new Atmos bumper on Infinity War today that goes into a bit about the object based nature, and does some really could direct point sound effects. Has anyone seen this yet, or seen a version floating online? I totally want it for the theater now.

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