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  1. Moebius01

    New Atmos Bumper

    No, though Audiosphere is similar to Nature's Fury. I was able to find a version of it after dyhometheaterguy got the name. https://thedigitaltheater.com/index.php/dolby-trailers/ (mods, not sure what the rules are about links around here, remove if inappropriate) Even with only 4 Atmos channels, it still has some of the best separation I've heard in my theater. Granted, nothing will replace the original THX chord for pure awesomeness, but this has become my new second favorite.
  2. Moebius01

    New Atmos Bumper

    That would be the one. Or at least very similar. The part with the sphere and the sounds going around it (the object part I was referring to) was definitely in it. The two things I remember is that the sphere section was the absolute best demonstration of Atmos sound localization I've heard to date, and the Atmos bass note at the end seemed more powerful than on any other (made with the serious rumbley).
  3. Moebius01

    New Atmos Bumper

    So locally, there was a new Atmos bumper on Infinity War today that goes into a bit about the object based nature, and does some really could direct point sound effects. Has anyone seen this yet, or seen a version floating online? I totally want it for the theater now.
  4. No worries at this point. I thought I had read from the 1.1.0 news post that it was running on 18 now, but I see I misread that a bit. Handy thing about doing it on an Odroid, I've got 1 sd card with my main stable Krypton 17 build, and 1 card with the newer Leia build. The only downside about switching between them is that it's a pain to get the Harmony Hub to repair the bluetooth.
  5. I've been playing around with getting Leia up and running on my ODroid device, but despite updating the CinemaVision addon to 1.1.0, it still seems to have the "Demo Mode" tag stuck on it, even after pointing to the content directory. I'm able to open, edit, and even test sequences, but the context menu doesn't allow to play one with a movie. The context menu launcher comes up, and the movie appears in the list, but the Play button and the area to select which sequence are both grayed out. Only Cancel is active. Is this still a known issue, or is there something I need to look at? I did capture a log at https://pastebin.com/wyK7d3Mr but I'm not seeing much in there to go on.
  6. Moebius01

    Which light system too choose?

    HUE is probably the easiest as far as setting up and using goes, but it's also among the more expensive options. You can get by with much cheaper options if you're at least a bit tech savvy and are willing to spend a little time poking around guides and such. For my theater, I have 10 standard MR16 fixtures with dimmable LED bulbs and a GE ZWave wall switch, plus 65' of programmable LED strips connected to a Fibaro ZWave controller. Both of those are paired to a Samsung SmartThings (which is also paired to an Echo and my Harmony remote). I had to dig a bit on the ST forums to learn how to use WebCoRE, but then it was a matter of creating a few pistons for the light modes and using the URL calls from CinemaVision to trigger them. At sequence start, the lights and LED strips are set at a specific level (and color in the case of the strips) for the Trivia. After Trivia, lights dim to the next level for theater intro and trailers, then all lights off for sound intro and the movie(s). Also have it set to bring the main lights up to 10% on pause and turn them back off on resume. Lights come back up at end of movie (and still hoping CinemaVision can introduce a way to identify credits roll so a trigger could be done then). I could have done a bit easier with Hue, but it would have cost around $1300 or more (10 MR16s plus 65' LED strip plus controller). I achieved the exact same thing for about $300 including the SmartThings controller.
  7. Yeah, it's pretty tricky to isolate. Though I haven't had a non-freeze moment yet, will have to try repeating multiple times to see if I can produce one.
  8. I couldn't think of a movie with enough movement at the end, but I was able to test a handful of different videos in multiple formats with the same result. The interesting thing is I'm hard pressed to think of anything in the hardware (as in Odroid vs PC or another device) that would do this. It's almost like the system is trying to pre-fetch the menu page, but that would be in the Kodi coding itself, which does not appear to be the case. Maybe something in the way the Odroid handles a resolution switch?
  9. Mine were running from a NAS vis NFS, so we can eliminate that variable at least. So we know it's not Kodi, the skin, or the file source. That would seem to leave us with the device, or the OS build on the device as possibilities. Or display connectivity. The Kodi on my PC is just outputting to a monitor. If I get a chance, I'll have to try it via HDMI to my projector to see if that changes anything.
  10. So that leaves wondering if it's something specific to the Odroid or the LibreELEC build maybe. I did test the same bumper on my PC where I installed Kodi just to figure out what I was doing before the Odroid arrived, and no freeze there.
  11. Moebius01

    Always the same trailers

    Also, in the CV settings, make sure you have an online source selected for content in the Trailers section (I'm on the road, can't remember exactly where the setting is). Once I switched that setting to iTunes, it started showing new and random trailers.
  12. Thanks! I'll try switching to Estuary to see if it's the skin. On the Odroid, are you running LibreELEC or an Android build?
  13. So as I was playing around looking at video bumpers yesterday, I discovered it's not Cinemavision that freezes. It's either Kodi, the skin, or the Odroid. It's just not noticable in movies of the like as you usually go back to the menu before credits are over. I'll have to play around to see if I can isolate it, out of curiosity.
  14. This one occurred to me while I was tweaking the default sequence with the conditional steps for queued features. It'd be cool to have a countdown time overlay on the trivia slides. "The show will begin in X" or even just a countdown alone. Trying to truly calculate remaining bumpers and trailers in a sequence would be nigh impossible I imagine, so the countdown would likely just be for the trivia time.
  15. I'll work on logs and a video of what I'm trying to describe this evening, but I'm curious if anyone else has seen this, or it's a known thing I just missed. In short, for any video bumpers or the like, the last few seconds of the video freezes before the transition. The audio plays through to the end normally. For example, the original Dolby Atmos video ends with the Dolby logo over rippling water which fades to black as the sound fades. When running this in a sequence, the image freezes on the rippling water and never fades to black. I'm also using an old courtesy bumper from National Amusements (was a favorite of ours when we lived in Boston and I found a version only) that ends with a "Coming Attractions" image with spotlights going back and forth behind it before fading to black. In a sequence, it just freezes there (which works ok for the purposes intended :)). In the grand scheme, this is a very minor issue, I'm mostly just curious if anyone has seen something similar.

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