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  1. OtisPresley

    Newb question

    Yes, you should be able to get your CinemaVision files into Kodi one way or the other. Whether it is USB depends on whether the Xbox supports that or not. Here is the Kodi Wiki page on the File Manager that may help. https://kodi.wiki/view/File_manager
  2. OtisPresley

    Newb question

    I don't have Kodi on an Xbox, but Kodi does have a File Manager under Settings where you can add network locations as well as local locations. You could place your files on a network share on a PC and then use Kodi's file manager to copy them to the Xbox.
  3. OtisPresley

    KODI 18 & CinemaVision

    Currently working pretty well for me with the development releases on Kodi 18 Beta 3.
  4. OtisPresley

    Support for Kodi 18

    I am currently using CinemaVision development releases with Kodi 18 Beta 3. There are a few bugs, but it mostly works well for me on the NVIDIA Shield TV.
  5. OtisPresley

    Estuary MOD V2 - KODI 18 problem

    As long as you have the Plex Media Server app enabled, you can enable Storage & Reset --> Over Local Network and then access it over the newtork from a Windows PC or via Samba using the credentials it displays. I just place them into internal\Download and then when installing from a zip file in Kodi, just browse to External Storage.
  6. OtisPresley

    Estuary MOD V2 - KODI 18 problem

    Hi @jsc1205, Kodi 18 is not officially supported yet. I am also using it, but you need to download the development releases for it to work: https://cinemavision.tv/files/category/12-cinemavision-add-on/
  7. OtisPresley

    What are these custom intro videos?

    Hi @manswers , I made mine from here as I am sure many others have: https://www.ivipid.com/
  8. OtisPresley

    downloading zip files

    BTW, if you have your shield on your local network and want to be able to browse to it from a Windows machine or via Samba, then you have to have Plex Media Server enabled and then go to Storage & Reset settings and enable Over Local Network. I learned this the hard way because I had the Plex Media Server app disabled and no longer had the setting.
  9. OtisPresley

    Installation Tutorials

    You really need to configure the things you want to happen and when. You can specify a folder for items to play a random file out of, but there needs to be manual intervention to get it set up.
  10. OtisPresley

    Installation Tutorials

    Hi, and welcome! There will be multiple guides, but they are all located here: https://cinemavision.tv/guides If you still have questions, feel free to post.
  11. OtisPresley

    Suggested Player for Kodi & CV

    Good deal! Glad you got it worked out.
  12. OtisPresley

    Suggested Player for Kodi & CV

    Hmmm, ok. My Yamaha receiver just says TrueHD/Atmos, but in the infromation screen, it lights up the channels being sent and it lights up the height channels in addition to all the normal surround channels when it is Atmos.
  13. OtisPresley

    Suggested Player for Kodi & CV

    Yes, the Shield TV does support Atmos. You have to enable Passthrough/Bitstreaming on it as well as in Kodi. On the Sield TV, it is Settings > Display & Sound > Advanced > Fixed Volume
  14. OtisPresley

    CinemaVision doesn't seem to kick in

    Hi, if you look at the information screen for the movie, you will see a CinemaVision option. Click that to use it. It does not intercept normal playback.
  15. OtisPresley

    Help please!

    Have you read the guide? In mine, I specify each bumper file individually where I want to to play, and it works every time. However, specifying a folder that only contains specific bumpers, like Feature Intro should also work as well for random play.

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