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  1. mccorkled

    Slides for MoviePoster

    Everyone seems to have disappeared in the last few weeks.
  2. mccorkled

    Where Do "Now Playing" Files Go?

    That does not answer my question at all. Thanks for the reply though.
  3. I am curious where you guys place your "now playing" files? I have a handful and they do not seem appropriate to place in the "Trailer intro" folder. In what sequence would you even add the now playing files? Before the movie? That seems wrong. The same question goes for "preshow entertainment" files. Thanks.
  4. mccorkled

    Drive-in Reel

    Version 1.0.0


    These classic Drive-in Theater bumpers were submitted by @mccorkled.
  5. mccorkled

    Introduce Yourself!

    Hey everyone! I was around wayyy back when Cinema Experience was being developed. I was the original developer of the HTPC MEGA Pack with free updates. I was selling the crap out of them and then people started to get jealous and I was banned from AVSForum, XBMC forum, and all of the other places where I was adding content to help people build their home theaters. After no mods would hear me out I basically gave up on this entire hobby and got into game emulation. Fast forward 7 years or so and I came across Cinema Vision. I decided to get back into the HTPC club and I am glad I did. I have so far incorporated my emulators with my HTPC experience. We are running a 72TB Synology server. 30,000 games or so including Xbox360, PS3, and WiiU. We decided that we were tired of paying bills so we made the first steps towards complete freedom and bought a 2003 Thomas school bus that we are going to turn into a tiny, smart home. The home will include voice commands for our home automation. We also recently got a rooftop deck made so that we can watch movies on the roof where ever we go. Check out the project at Sasquatters
  6. mccorkled

    Help us create some guides, with incentives!

    When the guides section is up, I will be sure to post them.
  7. mccorkled

    Help us create some guides, with incentives!

    We have a travel blog that we are starting to write some technology guides on. It would be cool if we could direct some traffic over there off of our guide posted here.
  8. mccorkled

    What are you currently working on?

    Your slides are really nice and professional. Thank you.
  9. mccorkled

    What Kodi skin(s) do you use?

    Arctic Zephyr is elegant and beautiful. I recently found this skin and I am in lurveeee
  10. mccorkled

    Folder Structure

    Please send me links to the uploads once done The problem I was having before was not only leveling the audio, but also some clips needed trimmed at the beginning or end because there are loud speaker pops. Also, I am not sure how commercials at movies usually work but they may need fades added. I look forward to seeing what you guys can do with these. I paid a decent amount for these many years ago and they have just been sitting ripped on my PC in a "to do" folder.
  11. mccorkled

    Popular Movies pack 2 - Videobumpers

    Can you take out the first "short films" on Minions? It's a bit redundant saying short films, and then seconds later saying short films again.
  12. mccorkled

    Marvel videobumper - trivia

    The bottom row of text is too long to fit between the top and bottom lines.
  13. mccorkled

    Star wars - force awakens (trivia + trailers)

    The text at the end in ForceAwakens-SilencePhones policy is horribly off centered vertically. Possibly even horizontally as well. A fade out at the end would be great too. Would love to use this in our theater.
  14. mccorkled

    Intros by Genre

    I am interested in this. I understand that it is already developed but I suppose I am confused on how it works. Are multiple sequences still needed? I would like Halloween bumpers to be played during October, Christmas ones to be placed during December, etc,
  15. mccorkled

    Muppets (AMC spot) courtesy

    It would be great if someone could edit out the ending so people didn't think there was always a new muppet movie coming out.

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