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  1. Hi Have you already implemented the possibility to send HTTP commands to Change the aspect Ratio? Many Thanks BR Massimo
  2. Hi Many thanks, it was a mistake. I had the wrong Speaker Setup. I also changed my AVR and I had the wrong Speaker Setup. Now its showing Atmos on the Display. BR Massimo
  3. Hi together Many thanks. I’m not able to set up the Shield TV to playing Atmos. Neither with Kodi either with Plex. With a cheap media player from China Atmos was running. In Kodi I have put the settings in «HDMI Passtrough». In the Shield TV I don’t have any possibility to set «HDMI Passtrough» or «Bitstreaming”. I tried to set "Settings > Display & Sound > Advanced > Fixed Volume" but it doesn't help. With "fixed Volume" or without the AVR is allways displaying "Dolby True HD" insteas of "Atmos". I also tried to set up the Shield in the "factory Setting" and different HDMI cable. I’ have the Shield 2017 with newest update 6.3 BR Massimo
  4. Hi Matt Many thanks. I've bought a shield. Doesn't support it Dolby Atmos? my AVR is showing DD BR Massimo
  5. Hi i'm running Cinemavision on a Cheap player from China (Mecool M8s Pro+). The Kodi app crashes often during playing a CinemaVision Intro. Do you think it depend on the Mecool player? would you sugest an other player e.g. Nvidia shield? Many thanks BR Massimo
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