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  1. A setting would be nice, but I was actually hoping that it matched with the first movie, so the default actually works for me.
  2. Okay, I finally got around to testing this and yes it does seem to work for genres now. I haven't tested anything but genres and tags, but it definitely seems to be working for both. I am curious about one thing though. I typically use CinemaVision for movie marathons, how does it deal with different movies meeting different conditions? Does it just go back to default or does it go by the first movie or what? So far I've only been testing things and haven't actually USED CinemaVision since the update.
  3. Okay I created the debug log and uploaded it to pastebin. It clearly shows that there is a sequence called Halloween with the condition of the genre being Horror and that the movie I chose had Horror as a genre. It also had a couple of other genres too (none that had a sequence though) so I tried it with a movie with only Horror as the genre with the same result. I didn't do another debug log because it said the exact same thing just different movie info. https://pastebin.com/GriaB62P What about the fact that most of the tag condition sequences weren't working either until I removed 2D as a condition for the default sequence? That seems like a bug to me as well, especially for people who have 2D and 3D movies and want a different default for each.
  4. Each of my sequences has only one condition so there shouldn't be any issue there. While typing this I tried removing the 2D condition from the default. That does make the sequences with tags as a condition work, but the genre ones still don't. I put the 2D condition in the default sequence because that's what Ragnarok said to do either in a post here or on the kodi forum when someone couldn't figure out how to set a default sequence. So if that causes an issue it should probably be reported as a bug. I'm glad to have the tag sequences working so thank you for that. Does anyone have it working for genres?
  5. I'm trying out the new release 1.0.14a7 and I have Krypton 17.4. I already had several different sequences that I'd created previously and I went in activated and added conditions to a few of them (including adding the 2D condition to the default sequence). Out of the five sequences (other than the default) that I added conditions to, only 1 is actually being triggered when I play a movie with the appropriate tag. Two of the sequences should be triggered by a genre and three are supposed to be triggered by a tag. I've rechecked the sequences and even tried deactivating one and creating a new sequence to be triggered by that tag. I've also checked to make sure that the movies I'm playing actually have the appropriate tag or genre. Any ideas?
  6. Are there any more like these available? I've searched elsewhere but I can't find any.
    These are my favorite intermission videos! I wish there were more!
  7. I meant to add a comment, not a review, so I'll put it in a comment as well. The answer slide for question 17 only has part of the answer. The second line has been cut off.
    The answer slide for question 17 only has part of the answer. The second line has been cut off.
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