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    Video Bumpers way to loud

    As you can see in the Title already, my problem is, that the sound of the video bumpers are way to loud when they start with CV. It doesn't matter how much i turn the volume down over CV schedule, its much louder then anything else in the sequence. But it appears to happen only for video bumper, not for audio format bumpers or else. And yes, it happens with every video bumper, e.g. Countdown, Courtesy, etc. pp. Maybe one of you guys has an idea how to solve it. Kodi is running on my PC, win 10, newest kodi and newest CV. Adieu! :)
  2. Dome1094

    Raising the lights during credits

    The idea with tags in the nfo files sounds good for now, it would be at least a opportunity to make it run until someone has a better idea.
  3. Hello! first of all, CinemaVision is absolutely awesome! and second, are there any changes yet? It would be the last feature I’d wish for CV, everything else works just perfect. Greetings Dome
  4. Dome1094

    Raising the lights during credits

    Anything new about this request? Would like to have something like this, too. I would be happy even if I have to write in the time for the credits manually.

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