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  1. Ah, I see! Sorry for the misunderstanding. glad to hear that your father is doing well then Nice of you and your wife to take such good care of him.... I will be on the lookout for a new build, lol. regards, Luuk
  2. Hi Ragnarok, I didn`t know about your health issues. I wish you all the best! Glad to hear you doing oke so far....
  3. I`ve asked myself the same question! There is not much activity over here anymore, to bad...
  4. Yes! That would be great! Verstuurd vanaf mijn Nexus 10 met Tapatalk
  5. Thank you for your explanation! Ofcourse I want to help you with this, but unfortunaly this stuff is much to complicated for me, as a simple Kodi user:) If you can guide me thru this, I am willing to try everything you ask me, but i`m affraid I need a step by step explanation (this will problaby cost you a lot of time and effort). For now I will wait pantiently and hope that maybe in the (near?) future, the "showing events option" come within Cinema Vision. I thank you again for your help! (let me know if I can be of any assistance to you)
  6. Hi Ragnarok, First of all, thanks for your reply, I really appreciate it! I really have no idea of what is possible and/or how much time/work it takes, but it would be great if each sequence has is own event; When a movie starts, Kodi (and Cinema Vision as well) now only shows the 'player.on.play.movie' event in Eventghost, thats it. It would be ideal when Cinema Vision could show a event like that, but then with its own name with each separate sequence Cinema Vision has to offer. For example: Cinema Vision playing: intro trailer, trailer, outro trailer Events showing up in Eventghost: player.on.play.introtrailer player.on.play.trailer player.on.play.outrotrailer etc. Our home theater has three different light groups, with the given example it would look like this: Event: play.on.play.introtrailer - action: main lights dim 50% - projectorscreen lights dim 50% - table lights dim 50% Event: Player.on.play.trailer - action: projectorscreen lights dim 25% - table lights dim 25% Event: player.on.play.outrotrailer - action: Do nothing And then, when the 'Famous player.on.play.movie Kodi' event shows up, all the lights turning off... The more different events CV shows in Eventghost, the more you can tweak the actions that follow. Thanks again! Regards
  7. Dear All, Would it be possible to add different kind of events showing in Eventghost? At this time there is no difference in events between a movie (within Kodi) playing or a sequence playing from Cinema Vision. So, it would be great if Cinema Vision shows other events then the events Kodi shows. That way I can dim (or turn off) the lights when Kodi`s player starts, and not when Cinema Vision is starting the sequence and/or trailers... In the mean time, thank you for a great piece of software and keep up the good work! Since English is not my native language, I hope I was able to make myself clear, I`m sorry if thats not the case:) Kind regards
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