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  1. ostfriesenkopp

    Quick Up & Running OpenHAB

    @DexDeadlyis the Syntax (CMD) still valid for OH 2.x?
  2. ostfriesenkopp

    Philips Hue Set Up

    Hi there, I am using Osram lightify plugs in my hue System which are added as lights by Philips Hue. Doyou know how to put them off/on? My Action files includes: PUT:{"on":false,"bri":0,"sat":254,"hue":47000,"transitiontime":0} PUT:{"on":false} Light/Plugs remains on. :-( XXXX is the user Name. 40 is the number of the plug. Group 16 contains plug 40 and 41. Any idea what's wrong? Best, Helge
  3. ostfriesenkopp

    Kodi http requests @action files

    Hi there, thanks. One last question (atm): How do I integrate the pause/resume/break sequences/Action files for the Feature presentation? Kind regards, Helge
  4. ostfriesenkopp

    Kodi http requests @action files

    Dear all, does anyone know the http request commands which i have to add to an Action file in order to let kodi pause video Playback and resume it some seconds later? What i want to do is to switch off the philips hue lights slowly. After this is done, the Video starts. At the Moment the Video starts while the lights are going off slowly... http://api/internal-ip/sername/groups/7/action PUT:{"on":false,"transitiontime":90} kodi: pause sleep://8500 kodi: play Does this work? Best, Helge
  5. ostfriesenkopp

    Philips Hue Set Up

    Hi all, one question with regards to Philips Hue and the provided Action Files: Can i manage more than one Group in an Action file? I know that "0" stands for all Groups, but in my configuration there is one Group which I do not want to apply changes to as this Group contains Osram plugs....
  6. ostfriesenkopp

    Local Trailers from directory issue

    Does CV play those trailers located within the movie directories?
  7. Heyho, what do you think about to add a condition that checks if there is a video file within a kodi movie directory stored? In case there is only a .blueray textfile inside (source file on a disk) the condition might start an action that changes the video source on an AVR to play the file on a bluray player. So there is no need anymore to have two sequences that need to be selected manually before the movie starts (Sequence 1 in case file is located in the kodi dir and Sequence 2 if file is on a bluray disk). Secondly, does anyone know if there is a way to start logitec harmony hub actions from within a CV action file? i.e. change AVR hdmi source and play bluray. Someone told me thats possible via Ifftt but i was wondering if thats possible directly. kind regars, helge

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