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  1. i have a question about the 3d FSK Ratings. The files are called 16 (3DSBS).mp4, but my Kodi didn´t recognized them as a 3D File and didn´t turn my kodi and tv into 3d. when i change the name to 16.3d.sbs.mp4 kodi changed everything to 3D but CV didn´t play the ratings bumber before the Feature starts. how to get the 3d ratings bumper working or how can i include my own 3d rating bumpers or another style in 3D ? greets Orakel
  2. Hi there, i would like to turn an openhab item called "Zigbee" OFF when i am using Cinemavision. The RGB Lightstripe is in a Philips HUE Bridge by a Zigbee Controller from 3rdParty, but it didn't turn it off while the Hue LightBulbs turned off. that's why i want to try turning it off using Cinemavision. I have an item that works in openhab, but how can i get it work with Cinemavision ? First i tried : no response then looking at this thread here if i use this in my Browser it shows {"link":"","state":"ON","editable":false,"type":"Switch","name":"Zigbee","label":"Kino RGB Lichter","tags":[],"groupNames":["gKino"]} but what i have to do to switch the Zigbee Icon to OFF or ON after using the openhab.txt i get this message in Cinemavision ACTION ERROR LINE1: nfs:// '\xref\xbb\xbfhttp://' Unrecognized command protocol: \xref\xbb\xbfhttp' Skipped DUE TO ERROS whats wrong or whats missing ? i didn't understand using this the postman plugin for chrome for the HEADERS greets Orakel
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