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  1. leejk

    KODI v18 Support?

    I’m hoping the author has not left us. This is a must have for KODI!
  2. leejk

    KODI v18 Support?

    Hi, Just wondering if there is a v18 support coming? The current version in the KODI repo doesn’t work with v18. thx
  3. Hi, i was was looking at one of the guides and it talks about installing the Cinemavision service addon from the KODI repository, but it is not there? Running Krypton. thx
  4. I reset the KODI db and I've not seen this happen again with it starting to play a random movie in the trailer playback stage. However, trailers are still an issue. Originally I had the content folder, KODI DB, and iTunes selected for trailer scraper sources. Every time it always played trailers from the KODI DB, so I enabled only the iTunes scraper. That forced it to finally play iTunes. I then enabled the content folder scraper, for which I have about 16 trailers downloaded, but it stilled played only iTunes trailers. I then enabled only the content folder scraper, and then it played no trailers during the default 2d sequence. I'm testing this on a new KODI install. I'm not seeing any errors in the log, so what would cause this?
  5. Hi, Running the official KODI version, trailers ONLY play from the KODI dB, and never from content folder or iTunes. I’m using the default 2d sequence. I have it set in the addon settings to play 6 trailers, and only KODI trailers (trailers I have stored next to my movies) are played.Also on random occasions when trailers are playing, it will start playing a movie instead of the next trailer. It’ll start randomly somewhere in a movie. There’s no errors in the logs either.
  6. Hi, I use PKC, so it manages the KODI dB. However I have noticed that the CinemaVision addon doesn’t recognize how it stores local movie trailers in the dB. If I have CV set to play on KODI trailers, it doesn’t play any. PKC stores them like this: plugin://plugin.video.plexkodiconnect/trailer/?id=/library/metadata/146434&mode=play Most all my trailers are locally stored beside the movie, but because PKC is managing the dB they are stored this way in the dB. So was wondering if this would be a simple request to add PKC support to CV? thx

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