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  1. Hi, commenting out that line also worked for me too.
  2. So I figured out the problem. I was setting up to generate a debug log, and CV worked fine. I turned debug logging off in KODI settings and it would not work as before, blank screen. Then I remembered all the same behavior we discussed in another thread when KODI 17.1 came out, which broke CV. It was after version 1.1.1a12 was posted in that thread did it start working for me. I had rebuilt my KODI box a few months back and I installed CV from the KODI repo thinking it was the latest and greatest. Fortunately I had a backup of 1.1.1a12, so I uninstalled the repo version and installed my backup. Vola! It works fine. I really think what is in the KODI repo is the wrong version, as it will not work for me.
  3. I upgraded from 17.7. Is anyone else using 17.8 with no issue? I checked log and looks like CV is throwing an error related to iTunes scraper. I’ll post a log when I can remote into the box to download it, but is that scraper broken?
  4. 17.8. It’s been working fine until the upgrade. Like original KODI 17 posts in this forum, it just displays a black screen.
  5. Hi, Previously the CV version in the KODI repo has been working fine, but now that I updated KODI to 17.8, all I get is a black screen after CV starts. No errors. Has anyone else upgraded and experienced the same? thx
  6. Looks nice. Is that Artic Zephyr?
  7. KODI 18 does correctly detect the sound format; so CV doesn’t use KODI’s information? I guess I’ll have try tags then. thx
  8. Hello, Is anyone experiencing audio bumpers being skipped? Specifically in my tests so far, DTS-X audio formats?
  9. You can download action files for hue from this site, which are easy to customize to your setup using a text editor. Then just add them tp your sequence.
  10. Ok I tracked down the issue. It was the PlexKodiConnect addon preventing KODI trailers from being picked up by CV.
  11. Confirmed latest is working for me on Windows 10 and 18.4 However trailers are not. The trailers sequence ALWAYS play the same videos every time. I’m using the same sequence that I used in KODI 17. I have the sequence setup to randomly play 1 trailer from the CV content folder, 2 from the KODI DB, and 3 from the iTunes library. Every time tho it skips playing anything from the CV folder, then plays the same trailer from the KODI DB twice, then does randomly play 3 videos from iTunes. So the trailer portion is not working as it did. Could someone confirm if this trailer setup works for them? thanks
  12. I’ve not tweaked transition times. Other than wiping out my settings not sure what else would be a factor. I have noticed that trailers are a little off. For example in my sequence I have it set to play 1 trailer from the local CV Content folder, 2 from the KODI DB, and 2 from Apple. All set to random. Every single time it will skip playing a trailer in the CV Content folder, play the same trailer from the KODI DB, and then play random ones from Apple. It will play 5 total though, as the sequence calls for. Are you seeing that in the latest dev build? i guess I need to figure out why I can use the dev build, but not getting much feedback from developer. thx
  13. Weird. I have same setup and it doesn’t work at all. Staying with a10 for now I guess.
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