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  1. leejk

    Hue Lights

    You can download action files for hue from this site, which are easy to customize to your setup using a text editor. Then just add them tp your sequence.
  2. leejk

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Ok I tracked down the issue. It was the PlexKodiConnect addon preventing KODI trailers from being picked up by CV.
  3. leejk

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Yes, I do. Is that an issue?
  4. leejk

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Confirmed latest is working for me on Windows 10 and 18.4 However trailers are not. The trailers sequence ALWAYS play the same videos every time. I’m using the same sequence that I used in KODI 17. I have the sequence setup to randomly play 1 trailer from the CV content folder, 2 from the KODI DB, and 3 from the iTunes library. Every time tho it skips playing anything from the CV folder, then plays the same trailer from the KODI DB twice, then does randomly play 3 videos from iTunes. So the trailer portion is not working as it did. Could someone confirm if this trailer setup works for them? thanks
  5. leejk

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    I’ve not tweaked transition times. Other than wiping out my settings not sure what else would be a factor. I have noticed that trailers are a little off. For example in my sequence I have it set to play 1 trailer from the local CV Content folder, 2 from the KODI DB, and 2 from Apple. All set to random. Every single time it will skip playing a trailer in the CV Content folder, play the same trailer from the KODI DB, and then play random ones from Apple. It will play 5 total though, as the sequence calls for. Are you seeing that in the latest dev build? i guess I need to figure out why I can use the dev build, but not getting much feedback from developer. thx
  6. leejk

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Weird. I have same setup and it doesn’t work at all. Staying with a10 for now I guess.
  7. leejk

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Hi, has anyone tried the latest dev version that’s been posted by Ragnorok? It seems to have same issues that originally posted here.
  8. leejk

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Just confirming with the latest version rdsp submitted it is working well on Windows 10 with 18.3 A BIG THANK YOU!!!!
  9. leejk

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Hi, I did delete the *.pyo files. Weird thing is, it starts playing trivia only if I turn on KODI's debug mode. It will play the initial intro video bumper, then the trivia. But after trivia finishes it goes to a black screen. I looked at the logs and it thinks it is playing the next video bumper and theater into videos, but it is instead just showing a blank screen. If I turn off debug mode, nothing plays. Evidently there is some video related issue maybe? Probably a deeper issue than what I can resolve.
  10. leejk

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Ok I did not have the dev version correctly installed. Got that sorted out and made the code change, but now it just shows a blank screen. I've reset the content database. I don't see any errors in the log file. Running 18.3 on Windows 10... please post if you've had success with this on the same setup. Hopefully it is something simple still... really miss this add-on. thx
  11. leejk

    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Running on Windows 10 here, fix doesn't work unfortunately. I have several issues: Entire CV interface is tiny, except add-on settings dialog. Was not an issue before KODI 18 When CV Queue dialog opens, movie to play is listed but Play button is grayed out, and dialog does not except any keyboard inputs except backspace
  12. leejk

    KODI v18 Support?

    I’m hoping the author has not left us. This is a must have for KODI!
  13. leejk

    KODI v18 Support?

    Hi, Just wondering if there is a v18 support coming? The current version in the KODI repo doesn’t work with v18. thx
  14. Hi, i was was looking at one of the guides and it talks about installing the Cinemavision service addon from the KODI repository, but it is not there? Running Krypton. thx
  15. I reset the KODI db and I've not seen this happen again with it starting to play a random movie in the trailer playback stage. However, trailers are still an issue. Originally I had the content folder, KODI DB, and iTunes selected for trailer scraper sources. Every time it always played trailers from the KODI DB, so I enabled only the iTunes scraper. That forced it to finally play iTunes. I then enabled the content folder scraper, for which I have about 16 trailers downloaded, but it stilled played only iTunes trailers. I then enabled only the content folder scraper, and then it played no trailers during the default 2d sequence. I'm testing this on a new KODI install. I'm not seeing any errors in the log, so what would cause this?

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