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  1. Glad to hear. Might be a good question for the regular Kodi forums. See if anyone else has had that happened. Glad to see you are working.
  2. I also have tested and do not have a movie just adding to the queue. Are you using the default skin or another skin. I've seen before with Kodi that a skin has caused weird issues with this. I'm curious if you tested the plugin on the default skin if you have this same issue.
  3. Hey @Kec2 Just as OTA has mentioned, i'd try using 1.1.1a12 for your 18.9 setup. Another thing that I had noticed within the error log was this. File "/storage/.kodi/addons/script.module.metadatautils/lib/helpers/animatedart.py", line 81, in get_animatedart_db base_url = data.get("baseURL", "") AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'get' Make sure this addon and any addon for that matter are up to date. Give that a try. Another thing you could try to do is turn off trailers, trivia, bumpers, etc and then turn them on one by one and run a movie and if it crashes grab that log and we can look. It'll help narrow down what the actual error is that you might be having. Let us know how that goes and we'll hopefully be able to get you sorted out.
  4. @th0r4z1n3 Sorry for the delay, would definitely love to see how you have made out with it so far and where you are at with it. It's always a good idea to walk away and come back for a fresh perspective.
  5. Hey @th0r4z1n3 thought I replied, Did you get it to work? Your line of thinking to me is right. Kodi to trigger the ssh. Let me know, I might be able to try messing with that soon if you haven't figured it out.
  6. Hey @th0r4z1n3 self inflicted are always fun. You just do a nice face palm, laugh and keep going. I'll see if I can find what I used to walk through but I was using the epiphany web browser. As mentioned in my video this is what I used on an original pi3. I have yet to try the newer pi3s with a browser in kiosk mode to see if this resolves the issue with the stuttering on cinegraphs. I haven't tried anything else and its been a while since I have gotten back to playing more with this project.
  7. Hey @th0r4z1n3 so I never installed MoviePosterApp onto a pi. They came out with the newer version where I was able to run it on my windows server and then I used the pi to run in a kiosk mode and display the posters. Works well. The only issue i did run into was when it tried to do cinemagraphs within the Pi OS it skipped and stuttered badly. I don't believe I tested this on a Pi 3 though and maybe just my original B. When I used an old laptop I had laying around for testing purposes with windows 7 I was able to run cinemagraphs over the webserver no problem.
  8. Hello @sam9s ! You go ahead and trigger this by editing your sequence as mentioned above. You can find the guide to editing your sequence here: If you still need assistance please feel free to reach out to me via PM.
  9. Agreed, super cool effect with the color loop!
  10. To build on what Ragnarok said, what are you running cv on? What Home Automation are you on? If you are using OpenHAB you should be able to achieve what you are doing using the guide I wrote found here: as well as this thread discussing making decisions based on Time of Day. https://community.openhab.org/t/making-decisions-based-on-time-of-day/2262/2
  11. This sounds like an interesting idea. Watching a TV show before a movie for me would be confusing but I could see if smart playlist can be used for something else such as trailers and the like.
  12. Hey defcon, glad you were able to get it fixed up!
  13. I get exactly what you mean and that would be a great addition to the remote. With the guide Ragnarok provided it should be simple. The developer is very open to adding things and listening to feedback so I would hope this is something he adds. Great suggestion!
  14. I worked with him before getting Google Music to be shared to a skin. I've been a user of Yatse for years as well. Was just curious as to what you mean its hard to launch? You should be able to hit the good ol hamburger button to open the context and select Cinemavision on a movie. That of course would mean you would need to have the Cinemavision Launcher installed.
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