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  1. Hey, was there any more developments on this? Because i'm happy to do it myself, the only thing I really don't understand is the 'value', how that is assigned and what value would be for G, PG, M, MA, R. Really keen to have support for our classification system.
  2. Well, the thing is we don't really have a rating bumper before the movies in theaters, but we do have bumpers before trailers. These can be seen in this playlist I found here: The first 6 videos represent what we see in theaters, from G, PG, M, MA, R and CTC, which is more common than the rest. This is the closest thing we have to ratings bumpers in theaters, however I noticed in this same playlist other custom bumpers someone had made for their own home theater. Happy to have a go at making my own little bumper in photoshop but it's just the backend stuff in terms of adding the ratings to CV that i'm not too sure on how to do, wasn't too sure what to do with the values in the rating xml, but hopefully you get a good idea of what the OFLC looks like with these 6 videos
  3. Hendo16

    Custom Ratings

    Was this ever added to CinemaVision? I've been looking for a way to add OFLC ratings to CinemaVision but I haven't figured out how to enable them
  4. As someone who's gone through and changed just about everything in their Kodi library to support the Australian Classification System, it's pretty upsetting to find out that CinemaVision only supports a handful of rating systems. I'm sure i'm not the only one who'd like support for the Australian Rating system, to make their experience much better if they live in Australia like I do. For those who don't know, the Australian Rating system is as follows: AU:G AU:PG AU:M AU:MA15 AU:R18 AU:X18 I've gone through skins I have downloaded and managed to modify the Variables.xml to allow for the AU system, and this is typically as simple as changing Australia to AU, and changing the 'IsEqual' to 'Contains' for R18 and MA15, as they both have a + symbol that Kodi doesn't seem to like. I'm more than a little confused as to how I'd even go about editing CinemaVision to have this support though. With the support, we'd be able to have our own custom bumpers that match our Classification System. Not to mention, I feel like this is also why whenever I set the Trailers to match the feature, the trailers are suddenly skipped, because my movies aren't matching the 'MPAA:' rating that CinemaVision is expecting. Some movies are rated one thing here and another thing in the US, so a film that's been rated PG-13 in the US (to which our equivalent is M) might just be rated PG here. So it's not as simple as changing the images to look like Australia ratings when in reality CV is reading it as the MPAA rating. Thanks for taking the time read, and hopefully we can get some traction going on this!

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