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  1. I've never been able to use itunes trailers myself because of the buffering. Can you enable debugging in CV settings, play a movie with it and post the log?
  2. rdsp

    Total newbie

    It's not entirely up to date but the general gist of how to work with CV is there
  3. It's great to know it's working out of the box again! @ELPTheater It's not all my doing but it's awesome to see the community cares so much about this add-on. That's what hopefully will keep it alive. Thanks
  4. If you don't have or CV doesn't recognise trailers that match your movie genre it will actually skip playing them.
  5. No, at this moment you just have to install CV as a regular addon. Do you have match feature genre enabled?
  6. Download 1.1.1a12. It fixes an issue with devices like the Shield.
  7. CV has been updated to prevent random black screens that could still occur.
  8. rdsp

    Video Skipping is not working

    If you're running 1.1.1a10 try updating to this one
  9. rdsp


    Awesome! You can follow this guide, I believe it has all the necessary information.
  10. rdsp

    Is CinemaVision still being developed?

    Sorry I should have renamed it. It's the same version with a small change that should fix your issues. But let me know if it doesn't!
  11. rdsp

    Is CinemaVision still being developed?

    Can you try this and let me know what happens? script.cinemavision-1.1.1a11.zip
  12. rdsp

    Video Skipping is not working

    What version of CV and kodi are you running on what platform?
  13. @Fisherman456 Ok I'll look into a11 and try to improve it. I use a vero 4k and with the newer version there is a chance I'll get a black screen once every 10 plays or so. 1.1.1a11 does fix problems with CV's theme which include the context menu. It still won't open sometimes on a lower powered device but when this happens no other addon works.
  14. @Fisherman456 @dyhometheaterguy have you updated to 1.1.1a11? There should be no need to delete or change code atm.

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