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  1. I mention "for now" because of the add-ons that haven't been updated and will not work properly in Kodi 19. No blames assigned here
  2. No fearless leader here but yes, we are still plowing through It's taking a while but we'll get there. I suggest everyone, if they can, stay away from 19 for now. It will break many other addons, not just CV.
  3. The site is back but downloads aren't working
  4. Maybe a good place to start is here: https://github.com/WiZLighting You will want to look for JSon examples of how to address and control the lights so that you can then write your actions. Hope this helps
  5. This thread was created when I updated CV to a10. It was then updated by the original developer to a11 and I then finally updated to a12 (small fix). This version is now 1.1.1 in Kodi's repo as the original version there was too old. There isn't any advantage in using a12 vs the version pushed by Kodi. I hope this clarifies the situation for all!
  6. The latest version of CinemaVision was pushed to kodi repo and you can update to the latest version of CV there!
  7. Ok so from memory, I don't recall CV code for actions being changed that much from 1.1.0 to where it is now so I'm assuming something in Kodi changed. For now your best bet is to use both BeamerOn and DenonOn to turn on your projector and your receiver. I know this may not be ideal but since having an action with that single http line is working you can use both actions sequentially. Meanwhile I'll try to take a look at the code or figure if the syntax needs to be different because of Kodi.
  8. In order to figure out what's going on, can you try to make a temporary action that only includes that http line to turn on your receiver and see if it works? Also, is your DenonOff action working? Edit: I'm assuming that IP address is censured or its meant to have those two 'x'!
  9. What kind of problems? Can you upload a log from a session when it fails?
  10. Your log shows an action being used to turn off the receiver - DenonOff.cvaction. However it's not showing a Denon On action. If I understand correctly this is where Kodi and CV would crash. Can you open your sequence editor and try to run this action from there?
  11. In your first post you specify this directory /home/user/Cinevision but CV is looking for /home/osmc/CinemaVision CV is finding your trivia but everything else isn't coming up, did you put content inside the folder before or after CV created all subfolders inside the main one? Check the contents of home/osmc/CinemaVision. If everything is correct try resetting content database under Settings - Advanced
  12. Make sure Debug is turned on in CV settings. Run CV and set content path, then upload your log in CV Settings - Advanced.
  13. After some testing I can confirm that the Content Scraper is not working as it should. TMDB fetches trailers from Youtube so having it on is what caused Kodi to try to play YT videos. For now the workaround is having the direct folder path as source either on CV settings or in the trailer module for each sequence. I'll try to look into this to see whats going on. Thanks for the detailed info!
  14. Check to see if youtube-dl is up to date. The addon itself doesn't have a lot of settings and the default should work.
  15. Try disabling Kodi Database and Apple Itunes Trailer Scapers in CV settings under Content. Your log shows kodi trying to play trailers from YT. Also Under Trailers experiment with setting Source to Directory and set your Trailer Folder directly under Source; Directory Trivia is not working perfectly atm You have to provide logs, on my end both Atmos and DTS-X are being detected with tags in file's names. Kodi 18 should be able to detect 3D sound formats but tags are a sure way for CV to work.
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