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  1. Here are some updates: We have completely translated CV to Python3 including some dependencies that we couldn't find updated anywhere. That took longer than expected. At this point, it's still not working because of changes to other scripts CV uses. We are trying the updated versions and have to change the code to work nicely with these. Youtube trailers won't work because the script hasn't been maintained or updated for a long time. I will keep this thread updated as soon as I have any more news.
  2. I mention "for now" because of the add-ons that haven't been updated and will not work properly in Kodi 19. No blames assigned here
  3. No fearless leader here but yes, we are still plowing through It's taking a while but we'll get there. I suggest everyone, if they can, stay away from 19 for now. It will break many other addons, not just CV.
  4. The site is back but downloads aren't working
  5. Maybe a good place to start is here: https://github.com/WiZLighting You will want to look for JSon examples of how to address and control the lights so that you can then write your actions. Hope this helps
  6. Some news: Updating CinemaVision is well underway, we can hopefully add a few bug fixes if we keep this pace and have something to share with all of you by the end March, beginning of April. Thanks for your availability, CV is all python, right now I think we can manage but I'll keep your contact just in case We're doing this to have the same experience as you described but at the same time if anyone wants to buy us a cup of coffee to keep us energised here is my Paypal.me link! Paypal.me/khnutt Hopefully there's more good news along the next few weeks or so.
  7. While I cannot promise anything I am trying to get a developer to work with me to change CV to python 3. If this happens it will take a couple of months or more depending on our free time. I am aware that CV may not work properly after 18.7 but if we're to update CV to Kodi 19 it may be easier to work on compatibility from that version on therefore anyone using CV right now may want to stay away from these newer versions. On a last note, we'll be working on maintaining compatibility only so people can keep using it, fixing bugs is secondary and adding features is not planned. We're doing this because we love and use this addon too.
  8. This thread was created when I updated CV to a10. It was then updated by the original developer to a11 and I then finally updated to a12 (small fix). This version is now 1.1.1 in Kodi's repo as the original version there was too old. There isn't any advantage in using a12 vs the version pushed by Kodi. I hope this clarifies the situation for all!
  9. The latest version of CinemaVision was pushed to kodi repo and you can update to the latest version of CV there!
  10. UPDATE Download CinemaVision 1.1.1a10 which already contains a more comprehensive fix for this issue. If this isn't working for you, please post your Logs which are very helpful in trying to figure out what other problems exist.

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