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  1. @rdsp. I updated initially on my Shield to 1.1.1a11, but noticed still the black screen. When I then removed the lines of code related to the dummy file in the playVideos function, it worked again but is essentially 1.1.1a10 I believe. On my Vero 4K+ I decided to just install 1.1.1a10.
  2. I noticed that I had to reboot the device first after install. One thing I noticed is that by removing the line of code that involved the removal of the dummy file(s), I can no longer skip forward in the sequence. I think it was originally meant to create chapter indexes with the dummy files being a black mpeg video. I think there were ideas of having them replaced by jpeg files. Do you have any plans to restore that functionality?
  3. Hi, I'm not seeing a context menu on both my Shield and Vero 4K+ box with Kodi 18.4. Is that the hit and miss which was mentioned before? Is there any other way to play a movie with the Cinemavision sequence in case I cannot get the context menu to work?
  4. Intriguing, but it's somewhat weird that this new Kodi developer or the Kodi team never posted anything on this site so far. Of course I hope it's true and in that case an ETA would be very much appreciated.
  5. That's why I'm thinking that we need to find another developer that is more motivated and communicative to make the fix. I don't think we necessarily need the developer that initially created the addon. The Python code is nothing unique. I think any experienced Python developer can understand what has happened, but we just need one that fixes one thing for us. It would help though if the person understands the Kodi platform.
  6. Could we consider setting up a go fund me page to hire a developer to just make this code compliant for Kodi v18.2? I think any Python developer should be able to analyze the code and fix it for Kodi. Perhaps we can persuade one of the Kodi developers/contributors to do this for the right amount. It's not that they really have to add extra functionality to the addon, just to debug some issues. Since the code for Cinemavision is relatively small, I'm thinking that the fix might only take 3-4 days. Let's say that we compensate the developer for $30 per hour (just throwing a number), then that would equate to $960 based on a 8 hour workday. If everyone is donating $5, then we need a 192 people to get this out of the way or wait a bit until we have enough money raised.
  7. Hi, how do you queue a folder in Cinemavision? If this doesn't work, I may have to start looking into using Emby with their 'cinema' features
  8. Do you think we can have the developers of the original cinema experience take a quick look at the code or how about we raise some money to have some external developers fix it? "@Nuka1195 (Home Theatre Experience), @giftie (Cinema Experience) for writing and maintaining the predecessors that inspired CinemaVision. @mcorcoran for his help scraping all of the trivia and contributing code and ideas to CinemaVision."
  9. Lol. Would have been nice if Plex or Emby had similar functionality like Cinemavision...
  10. I had the same problem with my v18 where it only played the placeholder of the feature and strangely enough one theater intro. Luckily for me I can disable automatic updates in my Google play store on Android and so I reinstalled v17.6 again. But I too hope that Ragnarok will come back soon as this is not going to be a sustainable situation.
  11. It's good to know that Ragnarok is still alive. Hopefully he'll be able to pick up this work again as it's currently the only option among all the players like Plex, Emby that seems to only work with Kodi. By the way, the new parent folder that you created in order to make things work again in v18 Leia, was that also on the NAS or do I have to create that one now on the Shield itself? I prefer to do the NAS as I sometimes also use other media players like the Vero 4K+ and that way I have a central place for all these Cinemavision sequences.
  12. Hey Mungo, I managed to get around the issue by clicking on NFS first and then select the folder manually on my NAS, but then i got into other issues with the current CinemaVision version. I then tried v1.1.1a8 again but for some weird reason wasn't able to run any of my commercials or other video content or sequences like you. This evening I decided to uninstall Kodi Leia and install v17.6 instead with the current version of CinemaVision. That at least ran everything like before the update again. I just have some worries about any new versions of Kodi going forward as further development/updates of Cinemavision seems to have come to a complete stop.
  13. Hi, I just updated my Shield to version 7.2.2 and with that it updated Kodi to v18 Leia. At one point I had to reinstall Leia because of weird display zoom issues and after I re-installed Cinemavision, I could no longer set the content path to the same folder on my NAS without getting the error 'Make sure the drive is writable and the folder is valid'. I double checked that the user that I login with to the NAS from my Shield has both read and write privs to the folder. I've tried it also with a beta version of Cinemavision (v1.1.1a8), but I got the same error.
  14. Hi, I've noticed that I'm getting a black screen with my videos in my sequence when I have the hardware acceleration on on my Vero 4K+. Does anyone know of a CV command to disable it and enable it again before the main feature as part of a CV sequence?
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