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  1. seems so. it is important to not this doesnt happen on every video just randomly maybe my youtube is not setup right?
  2. first off thanks for getting this to work again!!!! now i am having some issues. I am running nvidia shield 2017 Trivia slides have no transition/fade. otherwise that works fine and is a minor issue. itunes trailer buffer like crazy and I have very fast internet. Anyway to fix? switched to tmdb trailers instead these dont buffer but very often a trailer starts playing all I get is audio and black screen for a few seconds and then CV crashes. this is a major issue
  3. I paid to support this app and would be happy to pay more to get this thing to work but the worst thing is that we have been kept hanging for months
  4. I paid to be a lifetime supporter of this plugin. Can we please get a fix?
  5. oops getting log file does not exist error
  6. video shows issue... how do I get you a log and how do in the meantime downgrade to latest stable that was in kodi repo before most recent upgrade? cinemavision issue.mkv
  7. The new version of the plugin is not working for me on my nvidia sheild and spmc Can i downgrade to last version?
  8. AWESOME!!!! what exactly does the CinemaVision Service Add-on do?
  9. Since I last commented on this thread about 2 years ago, I think using itunes trailers is fine but.... even when i have it set for 720p I do get some buffering at times. Any news on downloading trailers? I know cinema experience used to download the trailers during the trivia. this worked great and would love to see this added to cinema vision already!!!
  10. I like streaming trailers. download is also a big plus. issue is for some reason apple trailers always decides to crap out for me. was working fine for weeks now suddenly they take forever to buffer. even a download option wouldn't help with how slow they are. not sure if this is ISP or just apple servers. everything else steam fine. can we d trailes from different source than itunes? or create some sort of trailer cache? i dont know and ideas?
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