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    [Guide] Fix CV for Kodi 18.1+

    Finally! Thank you @rdsp! This worked for me on my Minix U9-H with CoreELEC. @OtisPresley that was exactly what happened for me at first. It would play one video, then black. I went into the addon and loaded the sequence I had already made. I saved it again without making any changes. CinemaVision then worked on the same movie I tried earlier. Perhaps it needed to remake the sequence to be compatible with the newly installed development release. Thanks again. It's nice to have this working.
  2. Hello, I'm having an issue in CV regarding the directory nodes. My layout is like this: Countdown > Directory > Trailers Intro > Trailers > ... The directory is a folder of Rifftrax shorts that I like to play before the films (similar to old news reels, but funny). Since this directory is also scraped into Kodi and not in the CV hierarchy, there are non-video items in it (images, NFOs, etc) Now here's the issue. When I go to play the CV addon, sometimes it plays as it should, including the short. Other times it skips the short and goes straight to the Trailers Intro. And sometimes it will actually load an NFO file onscreen briefly with all of the video metadata then move on to the Trailers Intro. This last event is what leads me to believe that CV is unable to specify only video files when choosing a Directory. I'm not sure if this is a bug with my layout or with the addon and I'm not sure how to pull up a log to submit. Please let me know what I should do to resolve this issue.

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