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  1. Ragnarok- is this something that is still going to be released? Auto start of cinemavision just by pressing play? Im sure there are a lot of users that would love this feature!
  2. Hey! Did anyone find out of its possible for us to write an action file that would trigger a logitech harmony hub? Currently if I play a 3D movie, I have set up a condition that cinemavision knows which intro sequence to play. However, my projector does not always detect 3D and I have to manually switch into 3d mode. I would love If I can put an action command in the sequence right before the movie starts that will tell have my harmony hub to trigger 3d mode on my projector. I think someone may have mentioned running it through IFTTT? Either way but I think directly would be even better. Lets work on this! Can this be done?
  3. Thats great- so weird for me I can't get it going on 18. Have had it working perfecting on 17.6 for a little while now without an issue. I set it up exactly the same on 18 but the sequence editor doesn't function at all. Did you have to do anything differently to get it working? Im using it off of a 4k Fire Tv and not Nvidia but not sure that would be the issue. Is there an updated or beta cinema vision that I'm not seeing?
  4. Any update on this? Were You able to get CV working with kodi 18?
  5. Does anyone know If there is any update on this? Kodi 18 is now in beta but CV not working with it. Is there a plan to make these two compatible? Thanks!
  6. Hey Ragnarok. Did anything ever come of making the trivia slides scope compatible? Would love to be able use them on my 2.31:1 screen. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys! Does anyone know if yatse ever integrated CV control into their app? Or for that matter are there any reliable remote apps that have CV functionally integrated into it?
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