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  1. lecanard

    query movie metadata to evaluate in action

    heck, that's great to know! Thanks for your efforts! This would enable some comfortable tasks and I'll be excited to test this. But first anyway, I need to install all the components properly and get control communication being stable By the way, just updated to K17 and saw that CV still works fine. ?
  2. Hi not sure if this is somthing already planned for the future. But is there a way to evaluate some metadata fields / variables of the selected movie file in a action script ? For example I would like to extract the movie aspect ratio, and trigger the motors which control the screen masking and projector zooms if movie is in 21:9 My Hue lights already work perfect, so this would turn the cinema near perfection... Thanks a lot for your valuable addon! regards
  3. lecanard

    Introduce Yourself!

    I watched this amazing project almost since it began, so, time to drop some words about me, Roland. I live in switzerland and I like to listen to music and watch movies. For listening to music I prefer good old vinyl played on a good, but not exorbitant voodoo-tuned gear. Just deliciously balanced. Started to play with the raspberry pi and kodi as a fun side-project, and it rised to become our living-room mini-cinema central. I try to integrate the projector, screen and audio devices seamless into the living room, to turn it magically from the normal room into a cinema-like ambiance with a simple button press on the harmony one with the help of some hue lights and so on... CV is the perfect tool to bring this idea to perfection. So thanks a lot for your work, guys !
  4. lecanard

    movie is not triggered

    okok... ashes on my head... just inserted the "Feature" and here it goes. (I thought, movie starts after the sequence.) Again, thanks for the great addon. A functionality question: Is it planned to support triggering shell scripts as actions (as python)?
  5. lecanard

    movie is not triggered

    finally here are the files... kodi.log rrseq1.cvseq
  6. lecanard

    movie is not triggered

    I just wondered if I need to explicitly put an action or line which says "now run the specified movie". sure, I'll prepare the necessary files.
  7. lecanard

    movie is not triggered

    hi First of all: Thanks to the developers for this cool addon! Glad to see that cinema experience lives on an better then ever! Now, maybe I overlooked something.... But I do not get the movie finally started :-( I added the "skin integration" php script into DialogVideoInfo.xml, adjusted the ID, and that all works. At least, cinemavision sequence starts. The whole sequence goes through (even with home automation actions..!) But when the sequence ends and the movie should start... it jumps back on the movie selection list... Did I miss something...? (maybe it's a simple thing to solve before I upload logs and other stuff...) Thanks lc

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