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  1. I was planning up renewing my membership but since all seems to have stopped I think I will hold off. I have been waiting for some slides to use with this software for sometime now and seems like development for isn't there now.
  2. I am still around but haven't heard anything about this.
  3. Haven't heard if started to work on these. I would like to add to poster PC.
  4. Let me know if have an ETA so I know when to rejoin Red Carpet Club again.
  5. Hope health issue are better! Been having a little of the same here. Plus we just moved into new house. Got my MoviePoster PC back up and running. It would be great to run some better looking slides that fill screen.
  6. Any updates on doing these slides?
  7. That would be great! Then they will not be an eye sore displayed landscape on the Movie Poster board.
  8. I just did an upgrade. I am running Epson 5040ub Projector hooked up to my Denon AVR-X6200W AVR running ATMOS 7.2.4
  9. Wondering if anything has become of this yet? I am rebuilding my MP PC right now and would love to start adding them.
  10. Sounds great! Looking forward to seeing/using some.
  11. Are there still plans to make it so the slides look better with MoviePoster? I love my MP and loaded a ton of slides on it but people say that don't really like how they look.
  12. I would be nice but not sure if can do it but some way to compare all your slides. I am working on redoing my Kodi and Movie Poster but finding it very hard to know what I have and what need to download still.
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