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    No CV context Menu in Kodi on NVIDIA Shield

    My screen shows that the context menu add-in is installed. Yours shows it needs to be installed. Am I supposed to uninstall something then? Update - I also uninstalled CinemaVision and the launcher and re-installed. Same problem. Should I open a ticket?
  2. lancehomer

    No CV context Menu in Kodi on NVIDIA Shield

    No option to play in theater mode using a CinemaVision sequence. Movies are stored on a NAS but are part of the Kodi library. It isn't required that they be on local storage for CinemaVision??
  3. lancehomer

    No CV context Menu in Kodi on NVIDIA Shield

    I'm using Kodi 17.6, that's what is in Google Play Store. Is Kodi 18 available for Android? I'm using the Estuary Skin. Had same problem with Amber.
  4. I am new to Kodi and hence to Cinema Vision. I have a new NVIDIA Shield that has the latest version of Kodi running on it. I've added CinemaVision as well as the launcher and both show up as installed. I've got a sequence activated (with limited content.) When I click and hold on a movie icon (don't have keyboard connected up), the context menu pops up but Cinema Vision isn't showing there. I assume the same would be true with a keyboard...I'm getting the context menu, just not the option to run Cinema Vision. Any suggestions?

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