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    Newb question

    Further to this. I can get my files onto Kodi. Whether it be through Thumb drive or NFS (?) Can play the videos I was able to link the content path in cinemavision to the nfs . However when I go into cinema vision to edit...i can't find the videos/slides etc.
  2. dannyboy8920

    Newb question

    Thanks for the help....still not sure how do to this though. I tried the network share. Set my laptop to share.... added files into a shared folder. Went to file manager and don't know how to extract them. Nothing shows up when trying to browse
  3. dannyboy8920

    Newb question

    Hello , I am new, so sorry if this is in the wrong section or has been asked a zillion times. I'll first tell you my set up and what I am trying to do. I have Kodi on my Xbox One, and have downloaded the CinemaVision Laucher. I've browsed this site, decided to sub and downloaded some cool bumpers/trivia slides etc. I am using a laptop to download and store on a thumb drive. How do i go about getting these files on Cinema Vision, through Kodi on my xbox? Can i plug the thumbdrive into the Xbox and access files that way? Is there anything different that needs to be done? I plan on getting a dedicated HTPC, but want to try this stuff out beforehand - seems pretty cool! thanks in advance,

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