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    Trivia Module Crashes Kodi

    SOLUTION TO THIS - 1) Place a sequence that ISNT A LINKED TRAILER (file only) immediately after the trivia module in the sequence chain, like a countdown, short 10 second ad, whatever. (it doesnt matter, Cinemavision will automatically skip this sequence) 1a) I recommend placing some mp4 music files (not pls) in the cinemavision music folder and set the music setting in the addon to "directory" as well as setting this in the trivia module. 2) Save the sequence. 3) When you play the sequence that includes the trivia with music, everything will work as intended. The addon will play music during your trivia (the addon creator says music is no longer supported during trivia, but music does work using this method playing mp4 files placed in the Music folder of Cinemavision and trivia module music setting set to directory with directory chosen). I hope this helped someone who has this issue using the beta addon and Kodi 18.
  2. caseguy

    Trivia Module Crashes Kodi

    Oh hey I forgot to add- I've tried this on 5 different skins, same result.
  3. Hey all! Love the addon, I just discovered it and was giving it a test drive prior to purchasing a subscription here. I'm using the new beta version with kodi 18 and Windows 10. One of two things happen when the sequence starts- 1) The trivia sequence loads, with .pls music, but at the end of the trivia show kodi crashes out to desktop. 2) The trivia sequence loads with music but at the end totally skips the next item in the sequence (trailer intro) and plays trailers. All the other videos in the sequence play, trailers all the way to the feature and otherwise works as expected. Note - If I REMOVE the trivia entirely or disable it in the sequence, everything plays correctly from the trailer intro all the way through to the feature. Can anyone point me to a solution to this problem? Thank you!

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