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  1. That's a great idea! I wanted to make a set that looked graphically pleasing and professional for other CV users. I'll do a volume two with the picture changing to reflect the answer.
    Good work! These look great.
  2. Volume One is finished and posted on the site. Enjoy!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    200 HD quality 1920 x 1080 multiple choice trivia slides for your home theater experience.
  4. Thanks! I wanted to contribute to the content the community has to offer and i've had some experience with graphic design. I have 180 slides done so far, how many should I do? I was thinking i'd just chug along until the weekend and post the finished set here.
  5. Hey guys i'm working on some trivia slides for the CinemaVision community. They'll be in 1080p format and the entire collection should be done in the near future. Here's a preview of what they look like -
  6. Why would you post this in trivia? Anyway, go to the sequence and turn off iTunes trailers and select TMDB trailers instead for each trailer module.
  7. UPDATE- I discovered that if I turn on "debug" in the CV addon settings, CV will work. There's a few issues though. 1) To access the sequence editor,I have to turn on CV using the context menu. Most of the time it wont run if I click on it directly. There were a few times that it crashed kodi entirely when trying to run it normally. 2) At times the launcher wont appear at all. Usually this is when you attempt to add multiple movies to the que 3) After running it a bunch of times (10) it worked about 7 of 10 times. So there still are times where I get a black screen.
  8. Update- If I change the sequence portions to "random" the sequence will play. It will not, however, allow me to specify which video/short/intro etc that I want to run. in that sequence. I had made tons of theater specific sequences, AMC, UA, etc to make it look like it would in that kind of theater. It did previously work. Now it does not. So now it works, but only on random Do any of the videos in your sequence point to SPECIFIC files? Mine all do and when I set one to "random" instead of the bumper/commercial (I have old commercials from theaters in my sequences) the sequence played.
  9. heres the log kodi.log Black screen. Nothing plays. it will play the trivia if I use a sequence that has it, but then wont play any trailer at all. ESC takes me right out to the previous screen. These sequences all worked on 18 and 17.6 . I used a different pc that still had 17.6 on it and they all worked like a charm. However, my main theater screen has 18.2, this did not work. Downgraded to 18.1, still a black screen. I removed and reinstalled the new fix, totally cleaned kodi of the traces of the original addon, still doesnt work
  10. Man I wanted this fix to work so bad, but it didnt 😞
  11. SOLUTION TO THIS - 1) Place a sequence that ISNT A LINKED TRAILER (file only) immediately after the trivia module in the sequence chain, like a countdown, short 10 second ad, whatever. (it doesnt matter, Cinemavision will automatically skip this sequence) 1a) I recommend placing some mp4 music files (not pls) in the cinemavision music folder and set the music setting in the addon to "directory" as well as setting this in the trivia module. 2) Save the sequence. 3) When you play the sequence that includes the trivia with music, everything will work as intended. The addon will play music during your trivia (the addon creator says music is no longer supported during trivia, but music does work using this method playing mp4 files placed in the Music folder of Cinemavision and trivia module music setting set to directory with directory chosen). I hope this helped someone who has this issue using the beta addon and Kodi 18.
  12. Oh hey I forgot to add- I've tried this on 5 different skins, same result.
  13. Hey all! Love the addon, I just discovered it and was giving it a test drive prior to purchasing a subscription here. I'm using the new beta version with kodi 18 and Windows 10. One of two things happen when the sequence starts- 1) The trivia sequence loads, with .pls music, but at the end of the trivia show kodi crashes out to desktop. 2) The trivia sequence loads with music but at the end totally skips the next item in the sequence (trailer intro) and plays trailers. All the other videos in the sequence play, trailers all the way to the feature and otherwise works as expected. Note - If I REMOVE the trivia entirely or disable it in the sequence, everything plays correctly from the trailer intro all the way through to the feature. Can anyone point me to a solution to this problem? Thank you!
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