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  1. What are you using for your trailers source? YouTube or iTunes? If it's YouTube, maybe it doesn't know the trailer MPAA thus it's considered unrated? Have you tried changing it to a different source to see if it works any different?
  2. Here's an old thread on how CV handles MPAA ratings on trailers. I'm presuming it still works the same. If I recall, somebody had a similar issue where they were wanting to play x amount of trailers and it was only playing y when filtered to genre and rating. I think it was determined that the trailers source just didn't have any trailers that met those specific filters.
  3. OTA

    Expected behavior

    I noticed this the other day as well. I haven't used CV in a while as the kids just like to go, go, go when it comes to movies. I'll double check and see how mine responds. What skin are you using? Okay. I had some time to check mine out. I guess when I installed the new update, it re-enabled the queue editor. If you go in to CV settings under playback, you'll want to enable the hide queue editor option and it plays like it used to for me. Hope this helps.
  4. OTA

    Add On Doesn't work

    Can you provide logs?
  5. Are you talking about a movies or music playlist?
  6. Sorry about the delay. I've attached an example of a .nfo file for Hunger Games that has Atmos. It's the first tag in the tag list. movie.nfo
  7. Sure thing. I use .nfo files for all my movies. I also use it for IMAX versions of movies as I have a dedicated IMAX sequence too. Here is a link about tagging from Kodi's Wiki. I use tinyMediaManager to create my .nfo files. I'll attach an example this evening when I get home.
  8. Good to know! I wasn't aware that was one of the new features of Kodi 18, but I'll admit I don't read the release notes too often.
  9. OTA

    Getting Started

    For some reason, the guides are kinda buried on the site. This should be helpful for a majority of your questions. https://cinemavision.tv/guides/category/cinemavision-kodi-add-ons/
  10. I don't think Kodi can identify Atmos or DTS-X audio automatically yet. I've used tags for those audio formats and created conditional sequences in CV to play those for movies that contain Atmos and DTS-X.
  11. OTA

    This is just the worse!

    I'm able to access this as an executive producer. If it's still not available to cast members, an administrator like @Matt may need to check permissions to that page.
  12. True, but when I last played with it, it would only play the first video in the playlist. Which isn't a bad thing if the list is updated often it will stream a different video.
  13. I guess it's time to revisit this unless I'm blind as a bat. I went to modify the default Estuary skin's busydialog.xml file, but it's not there. I guess they changed how the skins work in 18? The addon_data folder has the skin directory, but now there's only a single .xml file with true or false settings. Nothing more. Am I supposed to manually add a busydialog.xml file in the directory or has it been moved? I did a search on my Kodi box but that produced no results.
  14. OTA

    Different Trivia and Music for sequences

    The only way I can think of is you'd setup a sequence just for Star Wars and use a condition for that sequence to play. I don't do anything with slideshows, but that's how I've got my IMAX and Atmos movies set. They use tags in the .nfo files of the movies and I set those tags as the condition for that sequence to run when those movies are played. I would think it would make sense for it to work with slideshows as those are part of the sequence, but as I said before, I don't use them so this is just me trying to help with conjecture.
  15. That's what I was thinking as it seems to be working out of the box. Thanks so much for your dedication and assistance in getting his back up and going.

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