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  1. Check this topic for possible resources.
  2. I didn't have any trivia, so I downloaded the SpiderVerse slides and ran them. I don't have any black bars on my screen. I'm only running 1080p though, so if you're on 4K maybe that's the difference?
  3. I have an 83" screen, but I've never used the trivia before. I can try adding one to my sequence and see what it looks like.
  4. There's no thread here other than yours that references WizBulbs. Currently there's no active development for CV. Your best bet may be asking on the Kodi forum in the topic I previously linked to and see if somebody else may have figured it out. That GitHub link looks to be about integrating WizBulbs into Home Assistant. Home Assistant looks to be a free and open source automation hub. It looks promising, but I have no experience with it. If you can get Home Assistant working with your WizBulbs, then you can look at referencing that from CV.
  5. I don't know. Looks like Swift is a programming language for developing iOS applications developed by Apple. I don't think that's what you're looking for.
  6. I'm sorry, but I can't provide a step by step as I don't have WiZ bulbs. Here's a link to the Kodi community forum for CinemaVision where a list of API references are available. https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=231881&pid=2050439#pid2050439
  7. I dunno. I tried to just create a sequence for an AAC movie I had using conditions for the tags and it still didn't work. I can't seem to pin it down. Not sure how mine started working again.
  8. First, make sure you have the below version installed. https://cinemavision.tv/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2857 When you run the content update, it will automatically create the file structures for you. You can then populate what you want in each directory, then create your sequences.
  9. I think there is a priority. The priority would be either .nfo tags or manual tagging then audio track. I don't use file name formatting to identify stuff, so I don't know where in the priority that may be. I'll see if I can do some testing tonight and see. Are your two audio tracks for different languages or different mixes, like stereo and 5.1? Which one is primary? If the one you want isn't primary, you should be able to swap them using MKVtoolNix if your container is MKV.
  10. I think I may have found what was keeping it from working. My Atmos and IMAX sequences were set to work with "any" type in the conditions, but my default was set for "2D". I went through and redid my sequences and figured I'd go ahead and set the type to "2D" as well just to keep them the same and boom, they started working again. What type is your sequence set to? Any or 2D? I can try and reproduce the issue this weekend and confirm if that's the problem.
  11. So, just thought I'd do a little update. I recreated my sequences and they are working again with my tags. I guess I just had to start from scratch. So my Atmos and IMAX sequences are running again and all others work with auto-detect. I use tags in .nfo files in the movie directories.
  12. I looked through the changelog of Kodi 18, but can't find a mention of 3D audio. I don't know for sure, but I recall somebody telling me it was working automatically, but they could have been wrong. All my tags are still in place, but CV doesn't play Atmos or DTS:X bumpers anymore, just the 7.1. I just haven't had the time to sit down and see what's going on.
  13. I ran across this too. It USED to work properly, but I think it's when Kodi started detecting 3D audio automatically when it used to not, or it could have been one of the CV fixes to get it to work with 18. Even using my tags it no longer works. I haven't messed around with it to see if I could fix it one way or another. Fixing bugs currently is not a priority as the project is on life support and we are grateful to have members of the community who have taken it upon themselves to keep CV afloat.

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