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  1. I can see how that would be a pain. According to @shredder you should be able to just make sub directories under single content path.
  2. TMDB uses YouTube from what I remember. Do you have the YouTube plugin enabled in KODI?
  3. I think we need to define content path as I'm confused. Are you meaning you have a whole other set of directories starting from the root where you have to change the content path in the CV settings or are you meaning you just have different directories per holiday in your existing content path?
  4. So you have created a different content path in CV for each holiday? I can't honestly speak to the slides, however, I do not think there is a way you can use the date as a condition in a sequence. What I've done in the past is just create a module for Christmas in my existing sequences and enable it after Thanksgiving and disable it at new years. The module is always there, but I either manually enabled or disable it depending on the time of year. Same could be done with any holiday. You could have them all as a separate modules within the same sequence and just enable and disable them as needed.
  5. I don't have any experience with the trivia module as I've never used it. There's not an option to set a content path for the slides? The documentation indicates you should be able to have different decks under your trivia slides directory. Are you using the .xml configuration file or have the slides specifically named for the built-in method?
  6. I will check my sequence this evening and see how I have them configured. I only had a single condition on each of my sequences. The only thing I know for sure is that if you have more than one condition in a sequence, they all have to be met before that sequence will run. Just checked and all my conditions are set for "ANY" other than my tags for each sequence with exception of my default. My default is set for "2D" under type and the rest are "ANY". I do not have any 3D movies in my storage.
  7. I think that started with a revision in 18. My Atmos also is detected as Dolby Digital 7.1, even though I have it tagged and a condition met. It used to work, but no longer does, so I'm presuming that KODI auto-detecting the audio is overwriting my tag. I do not have to select a sequence. Mine automatically does it using the auto-detection. When you start your movie using Cinema Mode are you still presented with the queue editor? If so, you'll want to disable this by going into CV settings and under playback you can enable the hide queue editor option. When I start a movie, I select it from my list, it brings up the information screen, then I select Cinema Mode. That's it. The sequence starts depending on what conditions are met, if none are met, I have a default one that runs.
  8. I do not think you can set CV up as the default action when selecting a movie. In Kodi under settings-media-videos, you can change your default action to show information rather than play. From there you can select Cinema Mode. At least that how I do it so it's only two clicks. You'd probably have to change something in advancedsettings.xml to change the default to CV, but I don't recall seeing any documentation on that.
  9. What skin are you using? You are starting the movie using Cinema Mode rather than just Play, correct? So, we're talking about audio detection for the most part? You may want to check your tags to ensure it's not listed as Atmos as I think CV can auto detect 7.1, but not Atmos. If your Atmos sequence is firing on a non-Atmos title, I would suspect you may have a tag in there somewhere. Double check the .nfo file for the movie.
  10. Will it run a vanilla sequence with no conditions?
  11. It should be working as you presume. I use TMM for .nfo file creation as well. I'll check mine tonight and confirm that its working as it should. I have a few setup for Atmos, DTSX and IMAX. My kids aren't patient enough for CV it seems anymore. I guess we indeed live in an instant gratification society. I checked this evening and mine are working. I'm using tags though and not studios. I checked and apparently studios aren't listed as tags. You should still have a default sequence that runs if it meets no criteria. Try using a vanilla sequence to make sure it's working, then modify it and save it as a different sequence that includes your criteria and then see if it works.
  12. What sequence is playing by default when you expect another to play? Are you tagging your movies with multiple tags? Like 'The Avengers' would be both a Disney and action movie. You mentioned you tagged and imported the database to CV. I presume that means you are tagging them in the database and not using .nfo files?
  13. I don't have any experience with Philips Hue. I'm presuming you used the below guide when you were running it on your PC? https://cinemavision.tv/guides/category/philips-hue/
  14. I'm running CV 1.1.1a12 on Kodi 18.7. I'm running on CoreELEC though and not Android, though I suspect it shouldn't make a difference.
  15. Well, that kinda sucks. The guide that was on this forum reports that I don't have permissions to view it anymore. All my action files just link to the SmartThings API, so all the settings are in the callback endpoint. If it's failing, I would suspect a problem with your token. Below is an example of my featurelights.cvaction file. With my token redacted of course. https://graph-na02-useast1.api.smartthings.com:443/api/token/[redacted]/smartapps/installations/[redacted]/play Is this the guide you are using?

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