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  1. OTA

    Editing MKV bumpers?

    I'm wanting to modify some atmos bumpers. Basically cut some stuff out of the middle and put it back together. I've tried using avidemux, but it relies on key frames and the video corrupts where I want to cut it due to this. I've also tried blender, but it wants to modify the audio, unless I'm doing something wrong with the settings. What programs do you guys use when you are creating your atmos bumpers from scratch? Would they be able to edit a pre-existing one?
  2. OTA

    Downloads becoming unavailable

    I can confirm the above file is accessible for me. One of the forum moderators will have to look into it or explain how the free downloads work.
  3. OTA

    Downloads becoming unavailable

    Can you be specific on a file you are trying to download? I can check and see if it's available for me to determine if it's an account issue or a hosting issue.
  4. OTA

    Raising the lights during credits

    According to the below topic, it would seem they are looking at maybe using chapter information to implement actions during playback. I would rather edit .nfo files than go back and edit my media or re-rip my library with chapters intact, but we'll have to see what they do about it in future releases.
  5. OTA

    Raising the lights during credits

    I have three conditional sequences in my setup. One for IMAX, one for Atmos and one for DTS:X. All three use tags as conditions. The tags are listed in the .nfo files. As far as turning the lights on during the credits, I think that's still in the works.
  6. OTA

    Raising the lights during credits

    I didn't even think about people not using .nfo files. My .nfo files are created automatically when I use tiny media manager to download my art.
  7. OTA

    Raising the lights during credits

    I use tagging in the .nfo files of a lot my movies to run conditional sequences. I'm wondering it it's possible to add a "runtime" tag and have the sequence turn the lights on once that time is hit. You can set the "runtime" tag as the time until the credits start rolling so it knows how long to keep the lights off and when to turn them on. This would obviously have to be manually configured per movie, but I really can't think of any automatic way to do it as every movie is different.
  8. OTA

    I’m new here and need serious help!

    I would start at the configuration guide. Should answer a lot of your questions and get you up and going before you really jump into customizing your sequences.
  9. OTA

    coke thirst a sound experience by Dolby

    I've been looking as it was supposed to be Atmos, but I've never found anything more than stereo. https://cinemavision.tv/forums/topic/943-coke-thirst-71/?do=findComment&comment=3395
  10. OTA

    New Atmos Bumper

    Nature's Fury is now on demo-world. https://www.demo-world.eu/download-2d-trailers/?file=dolby_natures_fury_lossless-DWEU.mkv&pic=dolby_natures_fury.jpg
  11. OTA

    still alive?

  12. OTA

    Slides for MoviePoster

    I pop in at least a couple times a week and try to help where I can, but most of the questions are more technical than I'm comfortable answering.
  13. OTA

    Where Do "Now Playing" Files Go?

    You can just make a directory and put them in there and point the a video module in the sequence to that directory.
  14. OTA

    New Atmos Bumper

    Are you talking about the Audiosphere bumper? I do like the first minute of the one dyhometheaterguy posted, but after that it almost looks like a mashup of other stuff. I recognize some parts of animated short "Escape" they made near the end.

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