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  1. I suspect you wouldn't. Just like you wouldn't be able to run CV before a streaming service like Netflix.
  2. There's lots of permissions issues going on with the website. I brought it to some administrators, but the one I spoke with says he doesn't have permissions to change anything on the website. I'm guessing that @Ragnarok is the only one that can fix it and I haven't seen him active in a while.
  3. A12 https://cinemavision.tv/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=2857
  4. When you mentioned the debug logging info, it did strike a cord with me as well. I remember somebody mentioning that a while back. Glad you figured it out.
  5. I don't have a Android system, but if several of you are reporting the same issue, I would suspect it's a bug. @rdsp hasn't been online for a couple of months and I'm not sure if there's a new developer coming in.
  6. Are you meaning the iTunes scraper for trailers? I can verify at lunch today. The most I've seen in the past is people having buffering issues with iTunes, but I run my trailers at 720p and haven't had that issue. I just verified my iTunes trailers are working with my sequence. It showed Death on the Nile and Dune trailers.
  7. I was not aware there were any blanking issues with 17. What version of 17 did you upgrade from? Can you post a log?
  8. Here's a link that explains action modules. Whether you can remotely control your volume via the network would likely depend on your make and model of your receiver. You may also have to find an API for your receiver in order to control it via the network.
  9. KODI supports CEC, but I guess it would depends on whether your HTPC does. https://kodi.wiki/view/CEC You'd probably have to set some kind of action module to trigger it. Alternatively, if your AVR is networked, you may be able to use an action module to directly access your AVR over the network to change the volume.
  10. There's an option to change the volume of your bumpers but only if you're not bitstreaming them. If you are bitstreaming both your bumpers and movie, then it bypasses all the Kodi audio options. If you're not bitstreaming your movie, you can open the options while it's playing and check the playback volume. I've had mine be set lower before and it's similar to what you're experiencing.
  11. Not sure if the permissions will let you download it, but is this similar to what you are looking for?
  12. Sorry, I'm not sure. I would suspect some kind of compatibility issue with the skin since the issue was introduced with the updated skin. I don't run trivia or that skin so I won't be able to reproduce the issue. You may want to try either reverting to the previous version of the skin or try loading the default KODI skin and see if you can reproduce the issue. You may want to the developer of the skin as you may have discovered a bug with the new version.
  13. There have been permissions issues with the site for a while. The Admin's indicate they are not able to fix it, so I'm presuming that @Ragnarok would have to do something about it.
  14. Is "No limits Magic" a skin?
  15. Are you meaning 17.8 or 18.8?

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CinemaVision began in 2014 as a collaboration to create content for use with your home theater, offering movie trivia slides and video bumpers. It has since grown to be THE PREMIER WAY to create and customize your preshow experience. Download the CinemaVision add-on for Kodi today from the official Kodi repository, and easily create a sequence of trivia, videos, trailers, home automation triggers and more that will bring the experience of a movie theater straight to your screen!

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