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    Odd Sequence Behaviour

    So I am attempting to have two sequences set up for Cinemavision. One set for Modern films (Active:Yes), and one for 80's films (Active:Yes, Year(s): 1980 thru 1989). But the odd thing is in Kodi it works the OPPOSITE. When I highlight an 80's movie and select cinemavision, the queue has the Modern sequence auto selected, and when I highlight a newer movie, the 80s sequence is auto selected. (and I definitely have the 80s condition set on the 80's sequence, not the modern one). Just finding this a bit perplexing. Also, if I set a year for the modern one, say, 1990 thru Now, no film below that date actually works (no film ends up in the queue, its blank..and the sequence box is empty). That includes 80s which should be picked up by the 80s condition but doesn't. Admittedly this is most likely due to me not fully comprehending the process but any help would be appreciated.

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