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  1. OK this is driving me nuts. I've built some actions files, but when I go to choose the action file in the module, I get the same list of 4 very weird directories, not the root directory browsing option I would see when adding something like a file for Short film for example. It's as if it is showing me Kodi repo sources. Below is a screenshot of what I see when I try and choose and action file from my Actions folder... Well, I used file manager in Kodi to make a new path back to the CinemaVision folder to get around this, still very weird that some options drop you in Kodi sources while others drop you at the root of the Windows file browser.
  2. When I choose the option 'Directory' on video bumper, and then click source, it doesn't show the normal directory structure, it has some odd names that look like network mounts
  3. To clarify on this answer, some of your videos that have sound formats that your receiver supports for bitstreaming (Dolby Digital for example) are going directly to your receiver and cannot be altered in any way by Kodi or CV. The rest of the files with formats your receiver doesn't support (maybe AAC for example) can be controlled by Kodi as it's processing them locally before sending them on to your receiver. You could turn off all bitstreaming in Kodi, but that will effect the sound quality of formats above 5.1 audio, so I wouldn't recommend it. The best thing you can do is find the videos in your library that are being processed locally and boost their volume levels in an editing program so they sound better to your ear on your system.
  4. I am having the same issue and it's driving me nuts, but I'm also a little confused about something. My system is dedicated to playing movies on a projector, so I just have my desktop set to 24hz all of the time. I have no display rate change settings enabled in Kodi or in MadVR that I am aware of and yet CinemaVision still seems to insist on switching frame rates when items of a refresh rate other than 24hz are played. So from what I can tell CinemaVision is either completely ignoring Kodi (Krypton) settings or there is some other setting somewhere that is still enabled for switching (although I can't imagine where it would be)
  5. Looking through the tutorials I couldn't find/I missed the way to create a 'path' to a directory so I could choose it in the 'directory' option for Video Bumper Type. I'd like to be able to choose random videos from my own directory for one of my sequence items. Do I create this in Kodi or in CV?
  6. Just to follow up on this, it turns out my particular issue because I was remoteing into my media machine with GotoMyPC while playing around with the configuration, something about the virtual display was causing the lag between items in the sequence. Once I watched it locally on my regular projector the gaps were not there, so overall everything is working as it should.
  7. I'm feeling a bit dumb asking this as it's probably a basic setting I keep missing, but I seem to have very long gaps between my videos in my Cinemavision sequences - around 10 seconds each time. It's not a buffering issue in Kodi as I can launch a 4k h265 movie in just over 1 second if I choose to just play a title from the Kodi menu. I do not have display rate switching enabled, it seems as if there is a set pause somewhere in my sequences but I'm obviously too blind to find where. I am using Kodi with DSPlayer and MadVR, DXVA Copyback, running on a Ryzen 5 2600, 16GB DDr4 and a GTX1070ti so the hardware is not the bottleneck here. My video delay in settings is set to 0 milliseconds. Thanks for any help offered. Ooops, sorry for posting this in General not support - man the coffee really isn't kicking in today.
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