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    Wanna Play a Movie

    OK, I will try. Is this what you want? kodi.old.log kodi.log
  2. Denbo

    Wanna Play a Movie

    Thanks OTA. But I've tried various skins, including the Kodi default - nothing! Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? Like I said, wen I click on "play" in CinemaVision, my whole sequence works and when the sequence gets to the Feature (F), the CinemaVision default page is displayed followed by the rest of my sequence (walk out video clip); it works perfect every time!
  3. Denbo

    Wanna Play a Movie

    Hi - Its Kodi 15.2 GIT:20151019-02E7013 (Compiled: Oct 19 2015)
  4. Denbo

    Wanna Play a Movie

    I'm hoping this is a forum to help complete novices. I need to play a film (movie). I have a custom built cinema at home and have just been introduced to CinemaVision and i am amazed how simple it is for a thicko like me to set up. I have an introduction to my cinema, followed by a Pearl & Dean intro, random choice of 3 cinema adverts (from a file containing 200), ice cream and soft drinks adds, then a coming soon to Screen 9 intro, 3 trailers, switch off your mobiles and then NOTHING when i play from the add on. When I play the movie (film) in the Back Row kodi skin CinemaVision doesn't work at all, simply goes straight to the film (does work in Cinema Experience). I have spent hours trying to get this to work - P:LEASE help!

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