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  1. Its ok seems to be fixed in 0.0.42, & thanks for all your hard work , its turning out great!
  2. Hi again, I cant find anybody else with this issue so I'm not sure if its just me or maybe its a feature not available yet, but I'm trying to put two sets of trailers into a sequence, one from kodi database & the other from iTunes but it doesn't seem to work from different sources, its only working if I set them both to the same source,
  3. hi, I set my content path to a folder inside my userdata folder & I do this because I want to back it up with kodi to share with friends & family, I use total installers maintenance tool to convert paths to special names & to backup but when I reinstall it on another device cinemavision no longer works on either device, is there a way I can fix this or an alternative way I can achieve what I want to do?
  4. SH1NKS

    Neon Blue

    I second this.. & sound would make them brilliant.
  5. I've managed to find a better quality one..
  6. That would be great thanks, here's a few I came across so far..
  7. I've been looking for this in better quality but with no luck, i'm going to have a look for that Mr Bean now, I'm also looking for a good quality version of this Have you found any good hd ones?
  8. Ok I'll get them downloaded & thanks for the help & using it in other addons & not the llibrary is another great feature, your doing a fantastic job with it.
  9. I've been having a go with your 0.0.37 from GitHub & also 0.0.35 from here, been having loads of fun, the .cvurl feature is great!
  10. I'm trying to use the classic movie trivia slides from this site & there named in the same formatas the demo ones, but witho no luck
  11. I'd first like to say I'm loving the addon your doing a great job, I'm having a problem getting slides to play in the right order, the addon doesn't seem to create an slides.xml file & the ones I make are either wrong or there not getting read, any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?
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