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  1. darth vader came down from the planet zolton and told me i had to do this or he would melt my brain lol
  2. IM AFTER THIS ONE IN 1080 OR 720 PLEASE VERY HARD TO AQUIRE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pdrApny2pRM WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED
  3. hey have been away quick question i still have beta installed does the new build still need context launcher as seperate file or is its use gone now thanks
  4. works perfectly for me linux mint top job i only have 1 more question i would like to be showen trailers of things to look forward too but my kodi library is awesome too can i set 2 main stream up and comming films and 1 trailer from my library if not then how do i go back to getting the latest and greatest trailers stuff to look forward too secondly rippmaster you do good work thanks for your vids i too would love to see the jurassic world one in action and possibly the madmax fury road one for furious trailers or or furious trivia lol but it would be cool i too wiill like to become a supporter in the new years at the moment we are about to adventure into the christmas season and we all know that cost a lot but after the new year im in !!!!!!!
  5. ok thanks for that all cleared up i have one other issue tho how do you get rid of the movie in the launcher ive clicked it ive hit delete gone back into it only to find last nights film still there in the launcher
  6. ok 3 hours later and it appears the only other folders i can have offerd is kodi repos such as lunatxz and fusion thats all i can choose is this a glitch or anything
  7. this is useless for linux uses i dont get it i have 3 loose files directly under your file tree in video bumpers 1 curtain 1 intro 1 curtain for theater close i want them as single file but when i go to single file in linux i cnaT ACESS ANY FOLDERS why cant you just show up with whats in that location ? im new to linux and dont even know how to find bloody kodi at all on it so file hunt is a nightmare so i left it in your folder called video bumpers dam shame as i spent 1 hour redoing my video folders and all 4 8 was working fine and now i cant even load it at all as it cant find my videos all my drives are mounted but it wont find my content may only be a bug for linux ? please help everytime i install this i think surley this is the last one can you possibly just ad 2 or 3 miscilanious folders to your layout in video bumpers would make it a heck of a lot easier for us to drop whatever in there it will be straight forward and simple to use for all or even a folder called curtain in and curtain out and also one called policy or something or have it so that when we choose directory or single file it defaults to video bumpers location we scroll down and click it and away it goes sorry if i wasnt clear about this when i go to choose a single file in linux i go out to pick the location there is no option there and you cant default to c or anyhting theres no back button its just a dead end with no options and ps all drives are mounted in linux also thanks
  8. do we need to uninstall or can we go straight over it
  9. does that meen intermission exactly one hour into film is possible soon ?
  10. also still got my fingers crossed you can pull off setting an intermission 1 hour into a movie so the kids can have there ice cream toilet trip like the old days even if you guys ad it in as a pause or something were we can set a pause timer possibly if difficult it will revolutionise our movies forever i meen you can pause it lol but the atention lol and everyone gets peed offff with you lol intermission more discreet you know while you in the toilet there thinking whats !!!!! lol they just want you to hurry back and think gee lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyAt6KC7wDc
  11. hi love the stuff was even more excited about the voice then herd it it sounds a lot like speeech from windows robot voice so i still prefer no voice but i love it thanks and next time the voice your now hearing is richard kiley spared no expense !!!!!! lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqM0yZK__gI
  12. ok thanks ive been a bit of a dummy it hit me last night i suppose for the single file videos i want played each time certain curtain certain intro i can pick that as a standalone file right see what i do is i have ripped game trailers i usually set it for 2 movie trailers and then a folder has game trailer also nothing like seeing the potential of a game on big screen can you ad a game trailer site possibly just an idea maybe throw it around out there it may increase interest a little more and get cinemavision out there a little further as you know most game trailers are cinematic now so they look great and sometimes feel like a short film if there was a scraper for that in kodi somewhere and also can we download the trailers yet instead of live streaming sort of like cinema experience download while trivia plays also the work that gamephoenix and polar do here with trivia is spectacular they deserve a pat on the back see here in new zealand were i am we do not do trivia in cinemas now someone is reopening my old cinema in 2 months time and it is private i was wondering to help you guys i may see if there interested in the trivia as we all know thats were the money is made in cinemas people are not scared to buy food and miss the movie !!!!! so i was thinking of pointing them to you or gamephoenix if there interested and you guys may get a hell of a deal plus would be great to see that stuff on the main stream cinemas as it looks top notch stuff especially skyfall and quantum outstanding stuff ive run it by polar but he said talk to you guys first see what you think!!!!!!
  13. ok working perfect with linux thank you i can see why there has been no releases now may i suggest a couple of advert folders ive tryed to load short film in there twice as advert folders but guess what lol its the same ad twice it doesnt randomize reliable enough
  14. Hes ok so far so good yes it was wrong version of kodi ok ive installed and ready for testing !!!!! crazy stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lts518-WsPM
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