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  1. anyone working to convert this since groovy is no more?
  2. i last visited 2 years ago... woah. that is crazy. with the changes to smartthings by lighting automations have broken. the smartapp no longer works. came looking to see if it was updated. nope... it's a ghost town
  3. YOU ARE THE MAN!!! i have the same issue. i have been troubleshooting for about 5 hours trying to figure out what it is. i can only have a 6 character name. if i have a 7th character, it crashes with the same stack trace that you posted. i also have to do the save / change dance name thing. but the default script.cinemavision.default2D name works fine. the name / file name save is definitely wonky. the names showing in the app don't always match the names in the folder when looking at it in explorer. i'm gonna poke around in it tomorrow (today) after i wake up (i'm in texas) LOL. i'm a dev too! this is my first python project
  4. sorry for the late reply, but THANK YOU!!! that worked! i am using estuary (stock)
  5. i'm wondering if this is how CV is supposed to work. when i go to a movie and select CV in the action menu, a menu pops up and i have to make an acknowledgement of which sequence to play to continue. i have a general sequence i use for all movies and have it flagged as auto-select - the only one with auto select on. this does cause it to be the default in the popup, but i still have to acknowledge the selection. is that the expected sequence? i have seen discussion on here before about launching CV on kodi play and that would be awesome. i am a developer and wouldn't mind taking a crack at making this happen. just have no idea where to start. i'm new to kodi dev.
  6. Everything works... Except for one thing. System Shield pro 2019 kodi 18.5 I have a sequence created. When I select Cinemavision from the context menu, I get the popup and it selects the correct one and pre-fills it in the top right box. The problem, if i hit Play, I get an error. https://pastebin.com/BWgJ4E2h If i select the top right box, then select the sequence, then hit Play, it works as expected. This only happens with ones that I change the name of the sequence, if I use the "save as" option, it works. Weird
  7. I only am using rating, trailer, and audio bumpers so far. I'm brand new to this. I'd follow the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" rule.
  8. I got it working on a shieldTV! had to fully uninstall the old CV. then i dropped the zip file on my shield and used kodi's "install from zip". I then went through the normal setup. i did have to close it and reopen to get it to load content. SUPER HAPPY! Thanks to all who posted info!
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