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  1. Hello Guys I'm Glen Been Playing around with XBMC/Kodi for a good few years, i think i have also tried most other media solutions but KODI is my main HT Setup, got most of it sorted now and my collection is now at about 10tb of movies and TV all scraped and organised nicely :-) I have been using cinema experience for a while now bug it was always a bit flaky and I could never get it to run just right so I would give up and then go back and try again a few months later. I'm very happy now this add on has been revitalised and working again, I love having movie marathons with the wife, with nachos and popcorn (loving your machine peanut) and this addon just gives it that cinema feel. I was a firefighter in the UK but I left to try a new life in Australia last year so I am currently living in Sydney studying at college and working at the international airport, I love messsing around with gadgets and electronics and love home theatre setups. I am a big fan of home automation and have my house back in the UK wired with a couple of Km of Cat5 and Distributed HDMI and Audio aswell as lighting and heating automated using Z-wave, Lightwave RF, Heatmiser, Eventghost, some global cache GC100s and using Irule remote for control of the system , if I'm honest I really miss all my gadgets back home as out here we are in a rented house with barely enough plug sockets :-) I'm just having talks with a Home Automation company about distributing it here in Oz so hopefully I will get that up and running, but eventually we are heading back to the UK if the wife gets her way.
  2. +1 for polargeeks large diamond with the images inside
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